Thursday, 25 October 2012

End of season review

So, the end of my first season in the big league, and I've finished with a 4-3-2 record to come in 4th out of 10.

A bit disappointing really - with not much more oomph from me I could have made it to second. Here's where the team ends up for the next season

Stuff to consider before next season - maybe sacking that niggled lineman and replacing him with a second thrower. I also need to work out the right time to drop down to 3 rerolls - probably when I have a bit more block and dodge in the team.
So what have I learned? I've played quite a lot of games against a hybrid offence - teams with a few bash players and some faster players. I find that sort of defence really tough, but I'm getting the hang of it.
I still have only one elf-v-elf game to date, a 2-2 draw against the all-linemen dark elf side. I really need more experience in playing against finesse teams. It's quite likely there'll be a lot of finesse teams around me next season, as there were high ranking elf or high elf teams in all four tier 6 divisions, as well as some skaven, so maybe I'll get that chance. I struggle to shut down that fast moving cage which can either dodge through you, pass deep, or switch sides with a short pass or hand off.
I've also yet to play a real bash team - the orcs in my division played a passing game!
Next season there have been quite a lot of rerollers in our league, with lots of new underworld and chaos dwarf teams. Thus those of us that haven't rerolled can expect at least one, perhaps two, promotions. So I might be up against quite highly developed sides very quickly. Have to see how that goes I guess.
The divsions should be listed after the weekend.

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