Tuesday, 28 August 2012

How to use BBDigital to produce a team roster

I've been asked how I produce the team roster graphics. The method is below (no credit to me - taken from Dode74's page in the OCC).

1. Log in to BB and go to the team management page (the roster).

2. Alt-tab out and open your internet explorer.

3. Sign in on the BBDigital homepage: http://www.bloodbowldigital.com/ - you will need to create an account if you don't have one.

4. Press "Leagues" (far right on top horizontal menu).

5. At this point you can either create your own league, or post a team to mine (which is called "EB's teams").

6. Filter to "E", scroll down to EB's teams and click the league name.

7. For the first upload of a team click the top "Choose file" button. For further uploads you can press the second one to update an existing team.

8. This should open up C:\Users\Name\Documents\BloodBowlLegendary\Saves\Net where you will find tmp.db. Select and upload that file. You may need to enter the password before pressing Upload Team.

9. You should be taken to a team screen like this  one. Screenshot it using Prt Scrn.

10. Open up a graphics editor (I use microsoft paint) and paste with ctrl+v. Crop to size as required and you are done.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Match Report - Divisions of Death, Division K, Match 2

Doomdark's Revenge (Chaos, me) v Death Vengeance of Doom (Lizardmen)

The chaos team and the lizards were fairly evenly matched in team value terms, so no inducements were required. The lizards had won their first game and a draw between the other two teams in this division earlier in the day meant that a win here would guarantee promotion for them. Doomdark's Revenge, on the other hand, needed a win to ensure their promotion prospects remained in their own hands.

 The lizards elected to receive, getting a skink under the high kick who caught the ball. From the ensuing LOS blocks the beastman The Fey Slain was injured and had to be carried off. The sauri and kroxigor formed a meatshield, and the skinks ran from side to side behind that line, looking for an opening. Meanwhile the lizard's star saurus (block, mighty blow) was kept in reserve and kept dashing forwards to blitz exposed players.

The chaos team, for their part, tried to keep their chaos warriors in the centre and use their beastmen as a mobile reserve. There was a small opportunity for the chaos team to get to the ball carrier, as Abandoning Hope (mighty blow beastmen) nipped through a hole in the lizards' line and blitzed one of the skinks escorting the ball carrier. He failed to break armour however and the skinks dodged away. Eventually however the skinks' mobility proved too much for the chaos team, and the skinks, supported by a saurus, took advantage of an early chaos double skulls on a block to run close to the line. The chaos team couldn't get back in time other than to put a TZ on the ball carrier. The skink passed his dodge roll and scored. 0-1 to Death Vengeance of Doom on turn 6

The chaos team had three turns to score, and immediately were subjected to a lizard blitz. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise however, as the skinks ran around the left hand side of the pitch to pressure the ball, but after a little scuffling the beastman Xajorkith Taken scooped up the ball with one of his three arms and handed the ball off to Abandoning Hope, who ran deep into the lizard half. Three skinks got back to make a screen, but Abandoning Hope simply blitzed through the screen to equalise on the stroke of half time. 1-1 at half time

The chaos team received the ball in the second half, and began a long, slow grind to eat up time. Instead of moving the cage forwards, they kept the ball protected and concentrated on hitting the lizards, although they had little luck in getting through the lizards' armour. After about three turns of fighting, the cage started drifting forwards and to the left, with the Utarg of Utarg (ST5 warrior with block) at the front of the cage, driving the sauri back.

As the half drew to a close, the lizards were more and more out of position, as the cage simply rolled past most of the sauri and the krox, leaving them behind the ball. The chaos coach was unwilling to score too early, but the increasingly desperate lizard defence, with its screen of blodging skinks was difficult to penetrate. The chaos team had a fair chance to score on the last turn, but some brave skinks, coupled with double skulls on a block, meant that the game ended 1-1 at full time.

Thoughts on the game

My first half touchdown gave me a good chance to win the game, but the lizard defence was too good in the second half. Without claw I just wasn't able to break the saurus armour, and as expected I couldn't lay a finger on the skinks. When I did manage to catch them, I only got 1 KO from 4 mighty blow hits.

I need more block, plus claw and tackle in the team to really make it competitive.

On the plus side - well, no-one died. The Utarg of Utarg is an absolute monster. With ST5 and block he utterly dominated the centre of the pitch and against bashier teams I can really build my drive around this guy. The minotaur had a decent game, there was only one bad failure, but that was my own fault for making a greedy block that I didn't need to make, and in the end it didn't cost me.

One of my two remaining rookie warriors, The Lord of Whispers, hit level 2, which was nice. The game hasn't been validated yet so I'm not sure what I'll get. My next opponents are dwarves, and I'm tempted to go for claw, to give them something to think about.

The league table is:

Death Vengeance of Doom (Liz) W1 D1 4pts
Doomdark's Revenge (Cha) D2 2pts
The Bulging Vixens (Ama) D2 2pts
Boatmurdered Athletics FC (Dwa) D1 L1 1pt

I need to beat the dwarves and hope for a draw in the last match of the season to get promotion. A loss, combined with an amazon win will relegate me. All to play for in the last game of the season!

Friday, 24 August 2012

Thoughts on OCC 6A Match 1

A mixed bag of a game really. Firstly, I am absolutely delighted with the result. The Bones Brigade are a really good team with double my SPP, and I was expected to lose and get the crap beaten out of me. That's one of the four really nasty teams in my division out of the way.

The one turn touchdown was lucky (about 20% chance including a team reroll), and that should have been enough to win me the game right there. My big mistake was scoring too quickly in the second half. I decided to trust my defence to keep him out in 7 turns, and it was close but no cigar. If I'd delayed just a couple more turns then I could have ground out a win.

One thing which stood out in the game was that I had absolutely no way of dealing with my opponent's ghouls. They all seemed to have wrestle and dodge, and I just never rolled pows when I hit them. In the second half my opponent started to run them solo behind my lines, realising that I just couldn't hurt them. I desperately need some tackle in the team.

Moving to the permanent consequences of the game, I lost a rookie lino killed, which is no bad thing really since I had too many linemen. I have another one MNG. Since my next game is against an all-linemen dark elf side I should be to compete with just 11 players so I don't think I need anyone in as yet.

I had two level ups, a catcher and a dodge linemen. I was in a quandry with the catcher. Catchers really need block/wrestle/dodge as a first skill to keep them alive, but I'm going to need tackle in two games' time against another undead team. I want my catchers to have an aggressive role - being hit and run sackers or sweepers. I rolled a double in the end, so went for mighty blow. I think I need that injury threat in the team, it fits with what I want to do with my catchers, and it might make an opposing coach think twice about putting his ghouls in harm's way.

I took kick on my dodge linemen, as I've been meaning to get it anyway, and now I have two catchers I can really take advantage of a good kick.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Match Report: OCC Division 6A Game 1

The Grey Haven Guard (High Elves, me) v The Bones Brigade (Undead)

The high elves kicked off against the fearsome undead team, with The Bones Brigade being one of the early favourites to take the division title.

Prior to the game the GHG had recruited another catcher, deciding that speed would be of the essence to outmaneuver the walking dead. Accordingly no inducements were available.

The kick was deep into the undead half, and immediately one of the mummies killed a high elven lineman. It wasn't all bad news however, as the ghoul ball-handler fumbled the pickup giving the elves an opportunity to put on early pressure. The elven blitzers and catchers ran either around or through the undead line of scrimmage, throwing a screen up inside the undead half. The undead recovered the ball at the second attempt, however, and made a strong cage for the ball carrier.

Having seven(!) players with guard skill, the undead cage was very difficult to break, and the elves instead concentrated on dealing out some pain, having a zombie and a wight stretchered off. The elves then slowly retreated, giving up more and more ground to the undead cage. The undead executed a perfect eight turn drive, scoring on turn 8 0-1 to The Bones Brigade on turn 8

Expecting to coast through to half time, the undead set up with three players close together on the line of scrimmage, and everyone else back close to their own line. They had reckoned without elven ingenuity as The Grey Haven Guard executed a perfect one turn touchdown (with a MV8 player). Chain pushes knocked the receiver three squares into the undead half, and despite the very deep kick the elven quarterback launched a long bomb into the catcher's hands. The catcher then dodged around the undead line (not needing the team reroll which had been saved for the maneuver) to make the score 1-1 at half time

Lining up in the second half, the elves executed a two turn touchdown this time, with the undead team not trying to knock over their receivers but preferring to pressure the elves into scoring early. Another slide rule long pass, another catch, dodge and touchdown. 2-1 to The Grey Haven Guard on turn 9

A pitch invasion then occurred, and despite the majority of elven fans in the stands, eight elven players were nobbled by the crowd. This, coupled with snakeyes rolled on a dodge that ended an elven turn early, allowed the undead to charge forward and cage up aggressively in the elven half.

The Grey Haven Guard struggled to get back, and formed columns right on their own line to deflect the undead. A rather untidy punch-up ensued, but the elves' lack of tackling skills began to tell, with them unable to knock over the ghouls, and the ball was run in on turn 16. 2-2 at full time

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Match Report: Divisions of Death division K, Match 1

Bulging Vixens (Amazon) vs Doomdark's Revenge (Chaos, me)

Due to a last minute change in scheduling the Bulging Vixens, a rookie Amazon team, took the place of the Waaaghriors in the league, and kicked off against Lord Doomdark's evil army.

The girls were most unwilling to take on the chaos horde, and needed to be bribed with 350,000 gold pieces, which they invested in a wizard, and the star player Zara the Slayer. Both of these inducements were to play a key role in the game, and the deep bench of the Amazons (14 players!) was also to be key.

The amazons elected to receive, and the high kick allowed the ball to be picked up by their quarterback. Immediately one of the four Vixen blitzers managed to badly hurt a beastman on the line of scrimmage, and the Vixens caged up on the right hand wide zone, near the half way line, with only an unskilled chaos warrior (the Lord of Whispers) and a beastman blocking their route to the chaos backfield.

Seeing the danger the chaos team repositioned to shore up the right hand side, and Doomdark's Daughter, the brutal minotaur, charged forwards to smash aside an amazonian linewoman and shut down the flank, with the Utarg of Utarg (ST5, block) covering the side of the cage. At this stage Ice Fear, the sneaky git beastman tried to foul the gasping prone linewoman, but the eagle-eyed ref sent him off with the linewoman only stunned!

The amazonian coach sought to take advantage of the slow chaos players by attempting an endaround play, moving into the centre to make a quick pass to a catcher who would run left around the chaos line. The hapless catcher dropped the pass, however, leaving the Vixens badly exposed with the ball near the halfway line and in the centre of the pitch.

A ruck ensued, with the Utarg of Utarg and Lord Doomdark getting tackle zones on the ball and Abandoning Hope, unskilled beastie, picking up the ball and making a break for the line. Zara the Slayer tried to knock a chaos warrior down to free up her teammates for a blitz, but double skulls meant that the chaos beastman ran in the touchdown on turn 5. 0-1 to Doomdark's Revenge

The ball was kicked off and caught by one of the amazonian receivers, who handed the ball off to their quarterback and the cage was again drawn up on the right. This time however, with time running out, the Vixens were forced to take risks and the Utarg of Utarg was able to charge in and sack the thrower on turn 7. The only points of note in the last three turns were two casualties for Zara the Slayer. She first smashed the ankle of the Lord of Thrall, but the chaos team's priest called on mighty Slaanesh to soothe the chaos warrior's pain, and the Lord of Thrall got up and rejoined the match, jogging on his bloodied stump. The devil woman then badly hurt another beastman. 0-1 to Doomdark's Revenge at half time

Only 9 chaos players lined up in the second half against 11 irritating amazons. The ball was caged up close to the half way line, and this was the point at which matters began to go wrong for the chaos team. The amazons committed hugely to a fight on the chaos right, and the correct plan would have been to play defensively, mindful of the wizard, and make the amazons do all the work to get an equaliser. Instead, however, seeing the amazons out of position the beastman ball-carrier handed the ball off to the Utarg of Utarg, who charged off to the left into the Vixens' backfield.

The amazons scrambled back desperately, with Zara stabbing the minotaur and two Vixens managing to get back to put tackle zones on the ball carrier. The mighty Utarg was not to be denied however, and punched on marker and dodged away from the other, running merely inches from the line. The air crackled with ozone and chanting was heard from the Vixens' dugout, before a lightning bolt arced down, badly hurting the chaos warrior. The ball bounced free on the Vixens' line, with a chaos warrior and two beastmen taking on three amazons (and the Vixens coach out of rerolls). With seconds left on the clock one of the amazonian linewomen picked up the ball in a tackle zone, dodged away, and made a pass to a nearby catcher. The catcher hurtled down the sideline, and when the Lord of Whispers failed a dodge roll to blitzer her into the crowd, an equalizer was inevitable. There was only time for Lord Doomdark to badly hurt one of the amazons before the game ended with an equalising score for the Vixens. 1-1 at full time

OK, so this game was all about playing the percentages. If I'd played solidly in the second half, I would have won. By going for that ridiculous second TD I handed the chance to equalise to my opponent. A stupid decision, which may cost me promotion this season if I can't beat the other teams in my division.

Lesson learned, I hope. Two beastmen levelled after the game. I gave one of them block and the other mighty blow, as follows:

Obviously more block is good, and the idea with mighty blow is to create a killer beastman asap. Next skill will be claw, and then piling on.

I cut the niggled sneaky git, because with only 12 players I'm not sure I want to be fouling too much tbh, and it reduces the inducements available to my opponent in the next game to 70k from 100k.

Monday, 13 August 2012

OCC Division 6A team analysis

Gobas, one of the OCC coaches, has reviewed all the teams in my division. With thanks to him (if he ever reads this), I'll post the results:

Division 6A

Posted ImagePosted Image Melnibone - Howling Dreadnoughts - Necromantic - GMT +1
1390 TV, 150k gold

Its 13 man squad of nice shaping Necro team. Most of players got level already, only some zombies and one Wight is without any skill ups. But this Wight is 5 SPP so not that far away from skill up. Team got only one Ghoul (Blodge), but two Wolves are here. One got Block and other got Mighty Blow. One Wight got Guard. More remarkable is that both Flesh Golems got level 2! (both got Block) :wacko: Its more than awesome for such young team.

Star of team:
Mr. Dead Shoemaker - Zombie :lol: - the highest level got zombie. He got Block and Kick. And most of SPP in team. :clown:

Posted ImagePosted Image Jim2309 - F.O.A.D - Orc - GMT +11400 TV (1500 after first match), 350k gold

This team will be nightmare is such fresh and low Tier.
They got all they need. 12 man squad. Lots of Gold. They got Troll (5 SPP), 4 Black Orks who all got at least Block, 4 Blitzers - two got Tackle and two got Guard. Hey they got even Goblin (with Sneaky Git! :ham: ) and ... Thrower with Agility 4. :angry: One Black Ork will miss first match, and he got -AV. Still he got ST 4 and block right?
Ok seriously, this team got all thing necessary to dominate this season. Still I hope they like fireballs.

Stars of team:
We got 3 more than nice players (at least for Tier 6)
Grogfak Break'Arm - Black Ork with Block and Guard
Sriruk - Blitzer with Tackle, and Agility 4. He could be star some day.
Maklor - Another Blitzer, this time with Guard and Mighty Blow. I can bet he will be team killer.

Posted ImagePosted Image Rambones - Bones Brigade. - Undead - GMT +1 1450 TV, 360k gold

Another meat grinder. This time with lots of dead players. This 13 man (should I say body) team is in more than nice shape. They got all they need. Two Mummies (both Guard), two Wights (Guard and Guard+Tackle). Some Zombies (one of them got Guard, another is one of best players here). Aaand... 4 Ghouls! Three of them got just Wrestle but one got some nice skill ups - Guard and Leader (it team captain I assume).
With all that Guard and skill ups they have lots of tools to win match. Also as always I have hope they are not to much attached to their Ghouls - I sense Lightnings from the Sky in their matches.

Stars of team:
Another team with 3 remarkable players:
Thorgrim the Tyrant - Wight with Guard and Tackle
Pebblesplitter - Ghoul with Guard and Leader
Aulus the Barber - Humble Zombie with both nice skills - Block and Tackle. If he only where little faster..

Posted ImagePosted Image Narg - Zombie Economics - Undead - GMT +1 1370 TV (1410 with all players), 200k gold
Another undead here. Little less skilled team but not less dangerous.
First of all they got huge 14 players, one of Mummies got Block :angry:, one Wight got Mighty Blow. One of Zombies got Guard, rest are rookies. The most skilled here are Ghouls of course. There is 4 of them. Two got only Block, and next two got more skills. (see bellow).

Stars of team:
Jose Manuel Barroso - Ghoul. With Block and Sure Hands. So we got main ball handler here.
Olli Rehn - Next Ghoul. This time with Wrestle and Tackle. So we got ball retriever here.

Posted ImagePosted Image Everblue - The Grey Haven Guard - High Elf - GMT +11330 TV, 120k gold

This time we got High Elves. Its 12 elf squad with not many level ups. But those who got skills are in nice shape. Skilled Thrower (Accurate), two skilled Linelfs (both Dodge) and two skilled Blitzers (one got Guard :angry: another one got Blodge and Agility 5). Only downside is that they have only one Catcher, but with all that gold and such nice Blitzer and Thrower it not big downside.

Star of team:
Charedenine Xakalwe (whoa.. what a name, try read it fast... :lol: ) - Blitzer of couse I mentioned earlier. With Blodge and Agility 5 he is already pain in the ass and can become even more with few more SPP.

Posted ImagePosted Image Heliocentricity - Krieg Komodo - Lizardmen - GMT +11160 TV (1220 after first match) , 120k gold

Lizards. And we almost know all. They got lots of Sauruses (6 of course), one Krox (of course) and some Skinks (to total 12 players). Interesting is that only one Saurus got level (Block of course :clown:) but two next Sauruses got 5 SPP so they can level up after first match if they will have lucky casualty.
Skinks got 3 level ups total, two Sure Feet buggers and one Diving Tackle annoying Bugger.

Star of Team:
Tortoise - Krox - He is most awesome here. End of question.

Posted ImagePosted Image Vaehnin - Erengrad Convicts - Human - GMT +2

?? Team not yet created.

Posted ImagePosted Image Altashheth - Cruor Imbibo II - Vampire - GMT +1990 TV, 10k gold

This is team of suckers... khem oh blood suckers of course. It is 11 man squad, with only two Vampires but with 5 Re-Rolls. It ok for long time development but this season I sense lots of loses and dead Thralls.

Star of team:
Both Vampires (Luis and Lestat :D ) are best players there. Still they need some backup.

Posted ImagePosted Image Elsayal - The Swarm Blast - DarkElf - GMT +2920 TV, 80k gold
Its... weird team. Say hello to 11 dark elf team, composed only with Linelfs... :huh: I know that they got nice armour and all of them got Agility 4. But where are Blitzers! :huh:
I have hopes that coach know what he is doing. Maybe this is the some dark elves trick to fool Nuffle.

Star of team:
None - only linelfs... yes no positionals at all :P

Posted ImagePosted Image Gsson - Ulmus Lupus - Necromantic - GMT+2[/list]
1000 TV, 0 gold

Fresh Necro team. One Wolf, one Ghoul, Two Wights, Two Golems and some bunch of Zombies to have 11 players. Nothing thrilling.

Star of team:
None - Of course even without any skills The Undertaker (Wolf) looks best here.

Jesus H Christ that orc team looks scary. And the two undead teams. And the developed necro team with the mightly blow werewolf.

I think much will depend on the order that these teams play each other. The two undead teams are meatgrinders, as Gobas notes, and so if they end up playing the orcs and necro team before I do, there's a chance that they will be able to tear a few holes in their opponents. On the other hand if I have to play them while they are relatively fresh, it could be very ugly indeed.

When I see the fixture list I will decide whether or not to buy another catcher. I'll want to make sure that I can get the right level of inducements and protecting two AV7 pieces without block or dodge could be tricky.

Friday, 10 August 2012

The Grey Haven Guard - Divisions for next season

And so here it is. Division 6A of the Orca Cola Championship is as follows:
  • Posted Image Melnibone - Howling Dreadnoughts - Necromantic -
  • Posted Image Jim2309 - F.O.A.D - Orc -
  • Posted Image Rambones - Bones Brigade. - Undead -
  • Posted Image Narg - Zombie Economics - Undead -
  • Posted Image Everblue - The Grey Haven Guard - High Elf -
  • Posted Image Heliocentric - Krieg Komodo - Lizardmen -
  • Posted Image Vaehnin - Erengrad Convicts - Human -
  • Posted Image Altashheth - Cruor Imbibo II - Vampire -
  • Posted Image Elsayal - The Swarm Blast - DarkElf -
  • Posted Image Gsson - Ulmus Lupus - Necromantic -
So, basically, it's bashy as hell...

I need to do some research, but I know Narg and Heliocentric from last season - both really good coaches. I'm going to be giving away some serious inducements to the new teams too. I get the feeling that this season is going to hurt quite a lot!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Introducing The Grey Haven Guard

As previously mentioned, now that I've got to the end of my first season I'll retire the Angband Wolves. I think I've learned a lot over the course of the season, but with so many Orc teams in the league I quite fancy something a bit different.

So, here we have The Grey Haven Guard

The star of the team is Xakalwe, my agility 5 blitzer. He basically does everything on the team, being one of only two with block, three with dodge and being one of the fastest players.

That said, my guard blitzer was very useful indeed in the only game I've had him for, and I think with a fair bit of guard sprinkled through the team, these elves could dish out a little pain from time to time.

I've gone for dodge first on my linemen, with the idea that they'll take wrestle and fend in due course (if they live long enough!). I have enough money for another catcher, but I'd like to wait until I have some protection skills on Vanval, and I'll wait to see how horrible my division looks like in the main tiers of the OCC next season.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Divisions of Death, Division J, end of season results

So my last match of the season was an adminned victory for me, after I was unable to get hold of my opponent.

This resulted in 4 points for the season, with one (adminned) win, a defeat and a draw. A really disappointing season in retrospect, since I should definitely have won the game that I drew, and my defeat was an appalling Nuffling.

So no promotion this season and I remain in the fourth tier. That said, my team is in good shape for the forthcoming season as follows:

The Utarg of Utarg is clearly a star in the making. He already has block, and so I can basically hit with him freely. My rookie warriors all have SPPs and so are close to levelling. My mino has 5 SPPs, and so is one casualty away from levelling.

My opponents next season are:

The Waaaghrriors (Orc) - This was the team I had an adminned win against. Not quite a fresh team, but near enough.

Boatmurdered Athletics FC (Dwarf) - I think they were fresh last season, but not sure. 2 Troll Slayers (1 with MB), 2 Blitzers, 2 Runners, 6 Blockers (1 with guard). This game is my first (so no claw for me) and could be quite brutal.

Death Vengeance of Doom (Lizards) - This team was relegated from the tier above. They are somewhat developed but without many skinks or skills on the saurus. Their skinks are their stars though, and I have no tackle.

I'm expecting the first game to hurt, but I will have a good strength advantage to take on the dwarves with. Hopefully they will be lacking guard. The second game (vs lizards) will probably be quite hard to win, as I've got nothing to use against the skinks. It depends how aggressively my opponent plays them to be honest - if he uses them as markers then I may get to splatter a few, and if he holds them back I'll need to gang up on the sauri.

I feel that I am getting quite close to the point where chaos goes from being rubbish to being scary. I have a ball carrier, I am starting to ket block on key pieces, I have a big guy. I just need a couple of safety players to mark the backfield, and a killer beast man.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Match Report - SSC Division 2 Match 7

Angband Wolves (Orc, me) vs Zombie Economics (Undead)

The orcs lined up for their last match of the season, knowing that a 2 TD victory, combined with results elsewhere, could see them winning the division.

Meanwhile the Economists, led by star mummy Jean-Claude Trichet, knew that a win would be sufficient for them to win the league.

The Wolves came in at a significant disadvantage in strength for the match, and were granted £200,000 of petty cash as an incentive to play. This was spent on a bribe for the ref and some extra training.

The undead received the ball from the kick off, and immediately made an impression with Trichet belting an orc lineman off the pitch. Despite a failed pickup, the Economists consolidated their position just inside the orc half, with Trichet and his fellow mummy Angela Merkel knocking out another two orcs. The undead, with their numerical advantage, rolled the cage from side to side, pulling the orcs out of position but unwilling to commit to a touchdown run. Eventually, with time running out, they ran the ball in on turn 7. 0-1 to Zombie Economics on turn 7

With a short time until the half time interval, the orcs decided to go for the equalising score. Black orcs and blitzers blasted a gap in the undead line, and two of their blitzers ran into space near the Economist's end zone. Meanwhile their thrower Lurgash, who has replaced Gothmog as the main quarterback in recent weeks due to his more accurate passing, held the ball deep.

The undead swarmed back to the Wolves' blitzers and marked them heavily but were unable to knock either of them over. At this stage the orcs decided to sod the touchdown and to dish out some pain. The flurry of orc blocks, followed by a gang foul, resulted in three undead being carried off (two casualties and one KO), with only one of these regenerating for the second half. 0-1 to Zombie Economics at half time

The second half began with Lurgash recovering the ball in their right hand wide zone, and the orcs pushing forwards on the right and in the centre. The undead responded by decisively knocking back the orc moves on the right, but at the cost of leaving gaps elsewhere. Lurgash saw the opening and dashed forwards to hand the ball off to an orc blitzer, who in turn hared away for the line with another orc blitzer on his shoulder for support.

Only one undead player was anywhere near the orc ball carrier, but fortunately it was a ghoul with tackle and wrestle skills, and the resulting one-on-one block lead to the ball bouncing into the crowd, who then threw the ball back into the centre of the undead half.

With no player withing three squares of the ball, the orcs made a gap in the covering players for Lurgash to run forward, pick up the ball and throw it laterally across the field to the remaining orc blitzer. This blitzer bulldozed the ghoul out of the way to run the ball in for the touchdown. 1-1 on turn 11

With injuries mounting up for the undead, it was the turn of the orcs to have a man advantage at the restart. Trichet splattered another orc to level things up, but star blocker Bolg backhanded the undead's key zombie (who has the guard skill) off the pitch and the rest of the orcs charged into the undead line, inviting the hits and trusting to their armour to protect them. With most of the undead team tied up by markers, it was down to the three remaining ghouls to try to save the match.

The three ghouls made a break for the orc end zone with the ball, but Bolg and Ugluk (hero of the first few games of the season and helpfully knowing how to tackle) brought down the ball carrier and caged up around the ball near the sideline about halfway into the orc half. Time was running out for both teams, and the orcs ran a blitzer clear into the undead backfield to offer a receiving threat on the final turn.

It came down to a single unskilled ghoul, who picked up the ball and weaved through the mass of bodies in a headlong dash for the line. Although he couldn't quite get to the end zone, he was far enough away from the sole remaing orc thrower Gothmog to ensure that the orcs could no longer win the game. Only Ugluk could get back to make the hit and knock him over, which he duly achieved, but the ball bounced away from Ugluk and towards the orc end zone. The wrackling ghoul took down Ugluk in a one dice block, leaving his rookie colleague to stand up, pick up the ball and run it in. 1-2 to Zombie Economics on turn 16 and at full time

Zombie Economics win SSC Division 2!

Angband Wolves must content themselves with third...