Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Review of OCC Season 16 Division 4D

So here's the final table:

At the top, I was surprised to see a Necro win, but Tys is an amazing coach - one of the best in the league in terms of his record - and so given a half decent team he was always going to be up there. 

The performance of the Night Horrors is another surprise - this team suffered two appalling defeats which resulted in the death of most of their best players. To finish in the top four (with almost certain promotion) is a real achievement.

As expected, Neverending Rest were very strong - too strong for the other bash teams in the league. Their defeats were against the two high elf teams plus Tys. A feature of their play is the concession of turnover touchdowns against finesse teams and that's something the coach will need to work on, but he has certainly got the bash game down to a fine art.

At the other end of the table it was sad to see The Elf Avengers get taken apart. They had the makings of a good team, but as I'd feared they got destroyed before they could get those critical defensive skills. There are still some good players in the team, but it will be tough for the coach to rebuild in tier 5 (if that's where they end up).

The chaos, orcs and nurgle took some key casualties too but, well, screw them eh? :)

My team going into tier 3 is as follows:

Taking the various positions in order, Cirdan is a really good player as my main thrower. He's not a flashy long-bomb expert, like you get on some elf teams, but he complements my slower, bashier style well and he's a useful player on defence too. Hurin, the reserve thrower, is pretty terrible and I'm tempted to cut him but since I'm into spiralling expenses now I don't feel I can cut anyone. I think I will build him in the same way - accurate, dodge, block, and see how long he lives.

Tananmyr (aka "the slowest levelling blitzer in history") is still a key utility player and my onlyr reliable guard. His counterpart Turin is sadly no longer with us - now playing as a zombie for the Night Horrors - and I am concerned that levelling a rookie blitzer in tier 3 might be tricky.

My catchers, of course, are my real stars. Vanval has been holding the team together for so long, and has finally become a blodger. Now though he might be upstaged by Gil-Galad in the star quality stakes. Just 16 more SPP to go to make Gil-Galad a blodger - here's hoping he lives that long! He's got a massive target painted on him and he and Vanval take so much heat in the game. Werelenial is more of a fire-and-forget player - if there is a player who I'm willing to risk in order to get the ball, it's usually him.

As for the linemen, I've lost 3 killed this season, which has had an effect. I like having a lot of linemen, and as things stand my LOS for next season will be Telthanthor, Rission and Kienden. I could do with another spare, but not sure if I can spare either the cash or the TV.

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