Thursday, 14 March 2013

Match Report: OCC Division 3A Match 5

Nothing to report this week except an appalling defeat against the orcs of FOAD, who had previously lost all their matches this season.

Some absolutely terrible dice, nothing I tried worked. Double 1s all over the place.

The match started with me kicking off and a touchback (4% chance) and it just went downhill from there. When I did get the ball loose the bouncing ball was caught first try on a natural 6 by a black orc. Got it loose again, had a 3+ throw for a TD, fumbled it. Went in at half time 1-0 down after I just could not knock his players over the third time it was caged.

It wasn't a particularly scary team - not much guard or MB - but all his blocks seemed to cart my guys off the pitch, while my MB blitzes on his niggled AV8 black orc just bounced off his armour.

In the second half I was 2 players down, and of course the weather changed to bright sunshine, turning a 2+ throw to get a good chance of a TD into a 3+. I rolled 2 rerolled to 1. Game over.

I'll be missing 3 linemen for next week's match against a really brutal nurgle team (including -1AG on my ST4 lineman), so will be going with valuable players or rookies. on the LOS, which means I'll need to be lucky. I haven't been lucky at all this season, and I've no chance of promotion now. God knows what'll happen next week.

EDIT - Opponents are human not Nurgle, which is even worse given the amount of tackle and MB they are rocking, plus a piling on blitzer who got 7 casualties in his previous match vs some elves. At least they haven't got claw, and I might even get a wizard and an apo in inducements. Also the Ectothermic Scutes (the lizards who beat me last week) lost to Another Bad Idea (the orcs where I gifted them a draw), meaning that it's actually pretty tight at the top.

I then have nurgle-chaos-chaos for the last three matches of the season. Gulp.


  1. So - you may get promotion, just with your surviving 3 players :)

    Well hope it is not start of a losing streak (otherwise known as catching elf disease), this season has been abysmal for me, you know it is bad when people observing a game offer their condolences for your poor dice... (well that was one game, the others were just my mistakes!). I've noticed it is possible to really bounce around a table in OCC, so don't give up on promotion, especially as a large number of teams get retired from the 2nd division, largely due to the bash teams that lurk there!
    Did you get any closer to developing a leaper?

  2. No, sadly. 7SPP from the game, being a casualty for my new blitzer to take him to 8SPP and the MVP to someone random that didn't level.

    Both times I broke the cage were due to my opponent leaving cage corners in contact and giving me the opportunity to block them away and nip in with a catcher. He was also pretty lucky one time when he did an unskilled troll block on a blodger sidestepper where I could have sidestepped into contact had he not rolled pows.

    Still, who knows what will happen against the humans next week. If I get a wizard I may be able to grab a couple of TDs, and they should break easier than the orcs...