Thursday, 29 August 2013

An update on other leagues

I don't play the third and most dangerous of my three consecutive orc opponents until Sunday. In the meantime an update as to where I am in some other leagues.

UK Blood Bowl League ("UKBBL")

I had a dark elf team called Trance Nation in this league for the first two seasons, with an overall record of 16 wins 4 draws and 3 defeats. After getting some skills on them I actually started to enjoy the unusual dark elf playstyle and found them very strong. I had a good team - guard blitzers, a MB witch elf, and an abomination of a lineman (MA6 ST4 AG5 AV8, block, dodge).

That said, they were a bit too similar to my OCC team and I started to wish for something a bit more bashy. So I rerolled to a human team - The Dying Ground - with players named after particularly bloody battles throughout history. Three games so far, and I began with a defeat, moved to a draw, and won my last game. I still can't afford catchers, but I have started to get some skills on the team and I'm certainly causing a lot of damage, which is fun for a change (7 cas in my last game!).

I am also fouling like a git.

Trance Nation have not been deleted, and I have discovered the BBATTL league which specifically runs tournaments for former OCC and UKBBL teams, so hopefully they can continue their run over there sometime.

Rock Paper Shotgun Open

Having played halflings in my first season, which I hated with the fire of a thousand suns, I now have an amazon team. I play pure bash, not worrying too much about results, but I've been lucky and with an 8-4-3 record am near the top with only a few games left and having played all the really nasty teams.

The team is Royal Flash, and the players are all named after love interests of Harry Flashman in the excellent novels by the late, lamented George MacDonald Fraser. I have learned to respect the power of a blodge, mighty blow, stand firm, guard amazonian blitzer, and I enjoy the methodical playstyle.

I have a stat-monster on this team too - a +2MV catcher who functions as my ball carrier. The extra speed gives me a really strong running game.

RPS Divisions of Death

The latest season in this league is about to start, and I have abandoned my chaos team Doomdark's Revenge in favour of a new underworld team - Ketamine Dreams. AV7 without dodge on the positionals could be extremely messy, but I feel attracted to the damage potential from the rat blitzers.

The seasons are so short in the Divisions that you basically need to win all 3 games in the season to get promoted, which is hugely frustrating. I will therefore play to have fun and do some damage. I feel that with underworld any wins are pretty special so I'll see how it pans out.

And the rest

I have a skaven team filling in the bottom tier of the OCC this season. Three games so far, 1-1-1 record. What amazes me though is the fact I have lost 8 (eight!) linerats to career ending injuries or death in those three games. They die like flies. Makes me a bit worried for my underworld team to be honest.

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