Saturday, 21 September 2013

Match Report: OCC Division 1 Matches 8 and 9

Since these matches were utterly meaningless after my MD7 defeat I have struggled to motivate myself to write them up. Just a short summary therefore.  

Match 8

The Grey Haven Guard (high elf, me) v Dragonblood Drakes (lizard, Yarat)

Oh God. Another one like this.

A 4-0 defeat to the lizards My worst result in Blood Bowl for I think a year (I *think* had a 5-0 defeat to a chaos team in tier 6 where I got pitch cleared twice and just gave up, but I can't find the result now).

My defence got carved open immediately with a string of injuries and KOs and although Vanval did manage to knock over the ball carrier a couple of times I couldn't stop him scoring on turn 5. That was fine though - 4 turns to score.

A perfect defence roll on the kick off table put me under some pressure and I was forced to take some risks, and they failed - I threw a third interception for the season, again safe throw failing (about 6% chance) and went in 2-0 down.

In the second half I got a double 1 on an early dodge in two turns in a row allowing him to pressure the thrower, and then rolled another double 1 on a pass. 3-0 as he just scooped the ball up and ran it in. I then failed another touchdown pass with a fumble, and he scored a 4th on turn 16. Overall I was 1 out of 5 passing, ignoring the interception (which you roll for before you roll the pass). It was absolutely shambolic and I felt awful afterwards.  

Match 9  

The Grey Haven Guard (high elf, me) v Expired Meat (necro, Maniehl)

A fairly easy 2-0 win to round off the season. Nuffle was good to me this game and most things I tried worked. In the first half I bashed the necro team off the park. Vanval nobbled their key tackle, mighty blow, dodge, guard wight BH (regen failed), and also KO'd both wolves. I got fireballed but was able to recover and score on turn 8.

In the second half the necro just could not get through my line. A failed GFI by the star wolf left the ball carrier exposed and I was able to snaffle it and run it in n turn 16. To take nothing away from Maniehl, who is a great coach, but it just didn't happen for him this game whereas I had all the luck.

 Three level ups from the game, including yet another +1ST for a catcher, leaves me in great shape for next season and with my TV at a preposterous 2350. I'll post my roster here when BBM updates.

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