Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Match Report - OCC Division 7A Match 3

Happy Hardcore (underworld, me) v Ironforge Vikings (dwarf, TheGreatEye)

The slightly battered dwarves chose to replace a dead blitzer rather than buy an apo, and came in 70TV lower than me. I therefore decided to buy another goblin, sure in the belief that my opponent would use the 100 inducements for an apothecary.

Nope, a bribe.

Right then, at least I knew what to expect here!

To make things either better or worse (I can’t quite decide), we were each given a further bribe on the kickoff and the dwarf coach elected to receive. I set up with the troll on the LOS (no MB to face here, and I was trying to keep the attrition rate on the gobbos down. The kick was very deep, landing in the middle of the dwarven end zone and both runners and blitzers waddled back to surround it. In the meantime the fight around the LOS began, with fouls coming in from both sides every turn.

I blitzed on turn 1 with claw on a troll slayer, but otherwise tried to take advantage of the fact that half my opponent’s team was out of the picture to do some early damage. Neither of us was able to depitch any players though, and on turn 2 I took the chance to dart away from the LOS and put a line of players between the four dwarves shepherding the ball and the fight at the LOS.

The dwarf coach tried to break this line but only rolled pushes, and then made the absolute cardinal error of any bash coach – he pushed his cage into contact with my players. This allowed me (admittedly with some above average dice) to crack the cage fairly easily and knock the ball loose. The dwarves scrambled back and recovered it, but couldn’t cover the ball handler and my new thrower “Four to the Floor” (in a promising beginning to his career) was able to cripple the dwarven thrower – no apo of course – and grab the ball. The dwarves couldn’t get to him and he sprinted clear for the opening score!

The dwarves lined up again for their next drive, but suffered a catastrophic collapse in their dice rolls as firstly I rolled a blitz (but couldn’t get to the ball), secondly they failed the pickup with their runner, and thirdly failed a GFI with a reroll in an to get a block on Four to the Floor who was charging into their backfield. Four to the Floor scored his sixth, seventh and eighth SPP of his 8 turn career (1 SPP per turn!) by running the ball in on the stroke of half time. The only issue here was that Gabber the troll had been fouled by the dastardly dwarves and will miss the next match of the season while he recovers.

In the second half I received, and it was quite simple from here as my dice luck continued strong. A pitch invasion took down a bunch of players, but mainly dwarves, and allowed me to take up an advanced position in the left wide zone of the dwarven half, and from there it was a straightforward matter to score with a hand off on turn 9.

The dwarves received and this time the kick was out of bounds, so the ball was handed to a troll slayer. He started to remove goblins at this stage, and I was content to keep out of the way of his cage and not make too much effort to stop the score, and the game petered out to a 3-1 win for the Core!

Three level ups - two rookie throwers and a rookie lineman. Wrestle for the lino and block for the first thrower. 6+4 for the other thrower and I'll take the armour. I am a big believer in +AV.

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