Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Thoughts on match 1

I was not confident going into the game, but in the end I was disappointed to lose. My dice rolls with the ball were appalling – I failed three out of four pickup attempts (all being 3+ rolls) and both of the ball-carrier dodges I attempted – and as such there were only four turns in the whole game out of 32 where I ended the turn with the ball.

That said, my positioning was at fault for three of my four turnovers – with more careful play I might have held onto the ball much better.

I was worried about the dwarves having block, and they did indeed smash me whenever they got in range, but it occurs to me that if you don’t have block yourself, then when hitting you don’t actually care very much whether your opponent has block – your failure odds are identical. Accordingly if I’d played more aggressively in the first half I might have caused more casualties.

Coming out of the game it’s not too bad. One of my casualties was a badly hurt, and the other is a niggle on a rookie beastman (I’ll drop him when I can or maybe try to build him as a safety). A loner beastman in the next game is not too bad really. I just need to hang on until I can get an apothecary and protect my chaos warriors. From the dwarf perspective losing a blocker killed means that I came out solidly ahead in the war of attrition, so I’m pretty happy with that.

Next up is the 7 armour Norse. I think it’s the rookies first, which is good. They’ve gone for ball handling in their line up – only one werewolf and no Yheti – so I don’t think I have anything to fear in a fistfight. Hopefully I will do better with the ball…

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