Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Bitter and Stout - the story so far

This team are to be entered into a different league - the "RPS Open". This is currently a single large league of around 12 teams. There are about 3 weeks to go in the current season, and I will join next season.

Unlike the "Divisions of Death", where you must start a fresh team, the RPS Open takes any team with a TV of less than 1750, but fresh teams are not recommended as there are some very powerful bashy teams in the league.

I have therefore been levelling my dwarf team via the default internet matchmaking league.

I went for quite an unusual setup because of the way I'm building the team. Basically because of the way that matchmaking works online I want to keep my TV as low as possible. I don't want to get set against a killer team such as a developed chaos team - freshly minted elves and high elves are my ideal opponents right now.

I also wanted an apothecary straight away - my goal is to stay alive and level, rather than win matches. I don't care if I lose every game, so long as I keep my players alive and get SPPs.

I therefore went with 11 players and 2 rerolls, and the current position is as follows:

1 Runner - Block
1 Troll Slayer
1 Blitzer - +1AG, Mighty Blow
1 Blocker - Guard
7 other Blockers

I have 400k saved up in the bank. Current TV is 1110, but I am thinking of dropping a reroll or a rookie Blocker and getting another Runner.

I've been kind of unlucky in my level ups - currently 9 players are within 3 SPPs of a level up, but the problem is that my only two players with agility >2 (the AG 4 Blitzer and the Runner) are hogging all the touchdowns.I think if I can get 5 Blockers with Guard then I will cash in my bank to take my rerolls to 4 and then spend the rest on a Runner, Troll Slayer and Blitzer. I'll then be ready for the league when it starts.

The Blitzer could be a bit of a star - that AG 4 is going to be quite useful. Still haven't quite worked out the best way to use Blitzers, and I think my skills to date have not complemented each other too well. The AG 4 implies either a ball handler or a ball stealer - someone who can move easily to where the ball is, pick it up and move away. Mighty Blow however would be better for a killer. Need to think hard about the third skill.

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