Thursday, 11 April 2013

Before the last match of the season...

OK, so the last match of the season. The top of the table looked like this before the game:

A Can of WHAT (chaos) - 21 pts
Another Bad Idea (orc) - 16 pts
Ectothermic Scutes (lizard) - 15 pts
The Grey Haven Guard - 13 pts
Itsmellsliketeamspirit (nurgle) - 11 pts
FAST BUNNY UTD (elf) - 10 pts

The top three are assured of promotion, with a possible promotion for fourth place if players above me drop out of the league or reroll. At present it looks like there is unlikely to be a fourth place promotion spot available, but only about two thirds of coaches have posted their intentions for next season.

It's also worth noting that in the event of two teams being equal on points then the team with the best TD difference will finish higher. My TD difference is better than all the teams around me.

I therefore needed to win, and hope that either Ectothermic Scutes fail to win, or that Another Bad Idea lose. Ectothermic Scutes are playing A Can of WHAT, which will be a really tough game for them and gives me hope that something may happen for me. I look at the table though and remember that draw against Another Bad Idea where I should have won - had I resisted the urge to batter that sidestepping gobbo and then in fact won that game I would have had an extra two points and simply needed to beat Star Spanners to clinch promotion to "the meat grinder", as tier 2 is affectionately known.

The opposition

Star Spanners (a chaos team) were no pushover though. Their assets were basically twofold - firstly they had an awesome line of chaos warriors. Secondly they had an awesome line of beastmen.

Their chaos warriors included their captain (ST6, block, claw, mighty blow), vice captain (ST5 blodge, claw, guard, mighty blow, but AV8), their killer (block, tackle, mighty blow, claw, piling on), and their other one (blodge, claw, mighty blow). The one I was most worried about was the killer, and indeed he proved to be a terror all game. I hoped to avoid the ST6 guy as much as possible.

Their beastman lineup included three AG4 beasts, including the first legendary player I had met this season who was a combination of killer and finesse player. Critically however there was no wrestle and no tackle aside from the killer warrior. As long as my opponent didn't roll 6s on his blocks he would find it difficult to hurt me.

I had 200k of inducements for the match, and spent them on a wizard and a babe.

This was my team prior to the match

My lineman roster was my biggest concern - I've introduced three new lineman this season, Maedhros, Haldir and Celeborn, and none of them have levelled, with two of them taking serious injuries. I have been toying with the idea of replacing the injured pair, but frankly I don't care if they die and so I'm tempted to let nature take its course. Kiendan is a much better player and is a key part of my LOS strategy. Kevatononel also ends up on the LOS when he's fit, usually with Haldir making up the three. Celeborn plays if one of the other three LOS players is off the field.

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