Friday, 19 April 2013

End of season

So I signed off with a big win, but it was all for nought as both Another Bad Idea! and Ectothermic Scutes also both won, leaving me in fourth. Damn...

Here's the final table

As you can see, my season pretty much came down to, well, all sorts of things, but the draw against Another Bad Idea! which should have been a win but for my stupidity stopped me from getting second place.

Fortunately however it looks like there will be one extra promotion spot this season due to players in the top two tiers rerolling, and if that's right then I'll be in tier 2 (aka "the meatgrinder") for season 18. My record for this team is now:

Season 16 - Division 6A - 4 wins / 3 draws / 2 defeats - 4th place
Season 17 - Division 4D - 7 wins / 1 draw / 1 defeat - 2nd place
Season 18 - Division 3A - 5 wins / 1 draw / 3 defeats - 4th place

Next season will be really tough however, and probably a division full of bash. There are some horrible teams in that tier, and since promotion to tier 1 is very difficult (top 2 go up only) then there are lots of very well developed teams. Divisions should be posted over the weekend sometime.

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