Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Match Report: OCC Division 2C Match 9

The Grey Haven Guard (high elf, me) v Live Long and Reprosper (necro, TheMuffinThief)

So with promotion already assured I lined up to take on a really nasty necro team with a very good coach in the last week of the season. Muffin knew that a win would give him a shot at promotion to tier 1, and was going all out for victory.

His team had two exceptional players but was otherwise fairly vanilla. There was a werewolf with claw/frenzy/regen/block/dodge/mighty blow/tackle/piling on/jump up. Yep, the full set of killing skills and basically the most brutal killer in the whole league. He is, in terms of SPPs, the best wolf in the history of the OCC, although there was a  ST5 wolf in one of the lower leagues a few seasons ago I believe.

Other than that there was a ST5 block/guard/grab golem, plus a tackle guard wight. Basically the star wolf makes the team.

I won the toss and elected to receive, and in the battle of the killers Vanval drew first blood – darting out from behind my lines to badly hurt the tackle/guard wight, who annoyingly regenerated. The necro team clustered around Telthanthor on my left wing, and the killer wolf charged in to attack but could do no better than a stun. I repositioned on the right side but an early double 1 on a dodge meant that Cirdan was vulnerable and Muffin took advantage by zapping the covering player with lightning before the killer wolf charged in and sacked Cirdan, breaking his leg in the process. No permanent damage but my star thrower will be absent for the first game in tier 1.

I was badly out of position and scrambled to get players back. A couple of turns of punching around the ball ensued, with Vanval being knocked out by the killer wolf as a result of another double 1 from me (he remained out for the rest of the game). Muffin couldn’t secure the ball however and Anduril (my new rookie catcher) dodged through traffic to scoop the ball out and hand it to Alawe on the edge of the melee. Muffin couldn’t knock him over and Alawe dodged away to hand the ball to Legolas who sped clear for the end zone. I stalled for a couple of turns which allowed Glorfindel to get surfed for another MNG injury and I scored on turn 7. This with hindsight was a big mistake and I should have tried for a turn 8 score.

Muffin received and fortunately for him the kick was short. He used his ST5 golem to punch a hole around the end of my line and handed off the ball to his other non-killer wolf and made a pocked deep in my half.

I got players back to form columns, and Muffin could do no better than just dodge up the edge of the pitch through tackle zones – a 40% play including rerolls (and ignoring all the ball handling he’d had to do in the previous turn). He made it though and went in 1-1 at half time.

In the second half I had one of those runs of dice that happens from time to time – he got the ball to his blodge ghoul inside a cage, both my tacklers were off the pitch injured, my only wrestle players were either retired (due to injury) or KO’d, and so a 2D against block would only have a 3% chance of getting the ball loose. I was therefore relying on him to make a mistake, which he refused to make and although I had a shot at getting the ball when I flooded the cage with players he was able to get clear for a TD. Muffin was determined not to score until turn 8, and so I contented myself with hitting his players (another casualty for Telthanthor, which was nice).

I didn’t need to get anything from the game so didn’t put too much effort into getting the ball. I also completely messed up the one-turner attempt on turn 16, and the game ended with a first defeat of the season for the Guard in the final game – 2-1 to the necro.

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