Friday, 19 July 2013

Match schedule

OK, it starts badly. Then it gets a bit better. Then it gets bad again. And then I have a couple of easier games at the end of the season.

So I just need to get through it.

My first game is against Muffin, then Telorast, then Hawca. My target is five points from those three games, which will set me up for a good season if I achieve it. The problem is that I'm likely to take a lot of casualties in those first two games, which may not leave a lot left for my shootout against Hawca.

Against Muffin I am missing my thrower and one of my two tacklers, so it will be very tough. He doesn't have a wizard this time though, and I may get enough inducements for one myself depending on what I can cobble together before the game.

The match is Monday at 8pm UK time (GMT+1).

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