Thursday, 16 January 2014

Match Report: OCC Division 7A Match 2

Plague of Fear (necro, Juniooor7) v Happy Hardcore (underworld, me) 
The necro came into the game having drawn match 1 0-0 against some nurgle in a dour and boring affair enlivened only by the werewolf killing a pestigor.

I’m not sure about necro builds but they had two wights, two golems, two ghouls and one wolf, with only two rerolls. This seemed fine to me, although I think I would have taken a second werewolf at all costs if it could be managed. They had bought a FF on team creation though, which seemed very strange, and for that reason alone I thought that my opponent might be a relatively new player, or at least one who does things his own way. Throughout the game though he played very solidly – he made some positional mistakes and his offence was a little uninspired, but he defended very well and had some bad block dice in the game.

He won the toss and elected to receive. I set up with three goblins on the line and the rest of my team in a “Christmas tree” formation to protect five of my precious skaven. The necro coach pushed the LOS goblins around a little, and then charged in with his werewolf on the only exposed skaven lineman (Breakbeat). He got quad pushes however and I was able to bash him back next turn but didn’t break anything. He cut to one side and screened off his ghoul ball carrier, but made the mistake of letting his golems get separated from the ball, and when I was able to halt his advance down the flank with Techno clawing a zombie off the pitch, he got pushed further and further towards the sideline. Eventually Rave was able to get close to the ghoul and knocked him over, and a goblin weaved through traffic to try to get a hand on the ball but fumbled the pickup. The ghoul shrugged off the MB hit and grabbed the ball again, but was again sacked and this time the ball bounced into the crowd and was thrown deep into the necro half.

Juniooor fought back with a flesh golem killing Rave on a random block (saved by the apo, phew!), before resecuring the ball with a ghoul, the only player anywhere near the ball. I was able to get a 2D hit on the ball carrier with Dancemania and a supporting goblin but only rolled pushes, and the ghoul dodged into space. I marked up the ghoul on my turn 7 and ran a goblin deep as a receiver, and the necro coach rolled double skulls on a zombie block on turn 8 allowing me the chance to score. I took the chance with a 1D (skilled) block and 2D (unskilled) block clearing away the markers from Dancemania who picked up the ball in a TZ, made a short pass in a TZ to the goblin, and the little fellow caught the ball and scampered home for a score. 1-0 at half time.

In the second half I lined up hoping for a quick score. He put both golems on the line and I marked one with the troll and clustered round the second with Techno (claw blitzer). My plans were altered slightly when a rock thrown by the crowd hit a gobbo in the head, but it was only a stun. I downed the unfortunate golem but failed to break his AV7, and could only push the rest of the necro LOS around. A MB blitz on a wight failed to break armour. Juniooor7 surprised me here by going full contact, pushing everyone up against my LOS and wide zones, and I struggled to get players free. I was scuppered however when the first two d6 I rolled on turn 10 came up 1s (as did the first two d6 I rolled on both subsequent turns).

So for three turns I was stuck next to the necro while they slowly shambled forward and bashed my team into the dirt. Bonkers was overwhelmed and sacked on a both down, and the necro stole the ball and scored on turn 12.

I lined up with 4 turns to snatch the win, and this time I packed the left side, hoping to overwhelm the necro with a quick dash. Again a goblin went down with a rock to the head, and this time it was quite annoying because he was in the wide zone I hoped to attack and since my troll failed to knock over the nearby golem I was forced to run all the way around the goblin’s body to attack the sideline.

Again a MB blitz on the lurking wight failed to break armour, and Dancemania passed the ball to Breakbeat who ran into the necro half. The necro were able to get back and block me off and an early double skulls ended my next turn before it had really begun, leaving the necro the chance to get a 2D blitz on the ball carrier with their wolf. The wolf also double-skulled however and on turn 15 I had the chance to score with a reroll-less 1D block, needing only a push. Obviously this failed however, and the game fizzled out into a 1-1 draw, with virtually the last move of the game being a MNG injury inflicted on Techno by a flesh golem.

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