Thursday, 2 January 2014

OCC Season 21 Division 7A

The division lineup looks like this:
underworld.png Everblue - Happy Hardcore - Underworld 
nurgle.png Aguelo - Sons of Nuffle - Nurgle 
amazon.png magfa - Voluptuous Vixen - Amazon 
pelf.png Zephire79 - Dellirium - Elf 
welf.png mrs0x - The Hardwoods - Wood Elf
chaos.png Blackcat75 - Mutation Z - Chaos
dwarf.png TheGreatEye - IronForge Vikings - Dwarf - 
welf.png Evander Clintonious - Glam's Dancers - Wood Elf

undead.png Sir Mewash - sweaty slippers - Undead

necro.png juniooor7 - Plague of fear - Necromantic

Not a bad start for me. What I didn't want early on was high armour teams heavy on block and tackle, and so only the dwarf team is really nasty. Here is my roster.

And so, without further ado - on to the report of the first game!

Happy Hardcore (underworld, me) vs Dellirium (elf, Zephire)

Zephire is one of the founders of the OCC, who devotes a huge amount of time, energy and money to the league, and I was determined to meet him with the appropriate amount of respect. And also to kill all his dudes.

He won the toss and elected to receive, and straight away I rolled a blitz! A good start. I couldn't make much of it though as my setup had been defensive and most of my players were deep. I blitzed with a blitzer against a catcher but didn't break armour. In return he picked the ball up with his thrower and dropped deep. We exchanged punches along the line, and he made it clear he expected to win the bash war despite my dodge on my goblins and his lacking an apo.

As it was I was able to get in an early casualty, smashing the ankle of one of his catchers with my blitzer Rave. I tried to throw a goblin to menace his thrower but was only able to fumble the goblin, breaking his back in the process. After 4 turns the elves were ready to strike, and passed the ball to a catcher who stalled near my end zone. I was able to badly hurt a lineman with Gabber the troll and run some players close to the ball carrier, and Zephire elected to score on turn 5.

I was feeling fairly confident at this stage, being a player up, and the next drive started well with me smashing the ankle of yet another catcher - this time the one who had just scored! I ran players through his line and made a tight cage in the centre. Everything started to go wrong from here though, and goblins began to leave the field - I lost four over the course of the game.

The elves flooded my cage, ignoring the receivers downfield. With the sidestep elf blitzers marking my goblins it was very tough to get clear of the cage, and I was forced to try to pass out of trouble, over a lineman. The lineman was covered by a goblin and needed a 6 to intercept, but the 6 duly appeared and my drive was halted by an interception! From here Zephire engineered a tricky escape from the scrum in centre field and was able to score on turn 8.

Despite a riot giving me two turns to score myself, and having 10 vs 8 by this time, I could not score and went in 2 down at the break.

In the second half the kick was very short and I had a bit of a brain melt and assumed it would be a touchback. I then had a further blond moment and decided to try to farm a pass on Techno, my other blitzer. This was fairly stupid and I rolled snake-eyes on the pass, which served me right. There was another massive fight around the ball and this time Dancemania the skaven thrower emerged with the ball, and again I needed to pass clear of the elves to two unmarked receivers. Again the same damn elf lineman was able to intercept however and in a heartbeat I was three down on turn 11.


Determined to recover some pride, I played a rushing drive, and finally the elves started to break again, with three more departing to the injury box for a total of six casualties - four for Rave (blitzer), one for Techno (blitzer) and one for Gabber (troll). I was able to run in a consolation touchdown on turn 15.

It wasn't over yet however, and despite me rolling 8 block dice against his catcher Zephire was able to score a 2 turn touchdown to score a fourth: 4-1 the final score and a heavy defeat for Hardcore in their opening game.

Still, it was brilliant fun and despite playing like a half wit I really enjoyed the removal power of the underworld. Both blitzers levelled - one taking MB and the other claw - and I got SPP on 3 other skaven. A good day.

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