Monday, 11 June 2012


OK, so I'm back from my holiday and can provide an update on the two teams.

Doomdark's Revenge

My second match is this evening, against the Norse team of Odin's Longboatmen. I'd never played a Norse team with a human coach before, so rolled up another Chaos team online and found a random Norse opponent. I felt that, as expected, despite the lack of block on my players I should be able to match the Norse in hitting so long as I can attack first. If they get the chance to hit my players then they will get knockdowns and do damage, so I have to minimise their opportunity to do that.

It's going to be quite an interesting tactical battle, and probably another very low-scoring game.

The Longboatmen have 10 players following the death of a lineman last week, no apothecary or Yheti, and only 1 werewolf. I have a very solid strength advantage so if Nuffle is with me I hope that I can give my opponent a decent game.

My one concern is that both of the Longboatmen berserkers managed to level up in their first game, which was a trifle fortunate, so I'm a little apprehensive about what I'm going to be facing here. Hopefully no strength or agi increases...

The current league standings are

Odin's Longboatmen                  1 win, +1 TD difference, 2 TD scored
The Blades of the Dwarves        1 win, +1 TD difference, 1 TD scored
Xenny's Berserkers                     0 wins, -1 TD difference, 1 TD scored
Doomdark's Revenge                 0 wins, -1 TD difference, 0 TD scored

Bitter and Stout

This team is now ready for the Open league, and so is on ice until the next season starts. The team is as follows (with extra skills in brackets):

Blitzer (+1AG, Mighty Blow, Guard)
Runner (Block, +1MV)
Troll Slayer (Mighty Blow)
Troll Slayer
Blocker (Guard, Mighty Blow)
3 Blockers (Guard)
4 Blockers

4 Re-rolls, 1 Apothecary

Weaknesses - The positional players are a bit unbalanced since half of them are rookies, and 8 Blockers is too many and makes my TV higher than it should really be. I thought about dropping one or more of them, but I think I'll just not replace the dead ones.

Strengths - The AG4 Blitzer and the MV7 Runner are both very good players. The Blitzer is just generally an all-round useful player - hard hitting, helpful on the front line with Guard, mobile, good with the ball - and the extra mobility of the Runner enables the running cage to form quickly and gives me extra range for scoring. My 4 skilled Blockers have the makings of a strong front line and are what I need to build the team around. If I can keep these guys alive then I should be ok.

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