Thursday, 26 July 2012

Decision time in the SSC

So my orc team, Angband Wolves, had a walkover last week as their opponent, the humans of Weathertop Warriors, have been refusing to play any games after getting three players killed in their first game.

The team is now

Black Orc - Block
3 rookie Black Orcs

Blitzer - Tackle
3 rookie Blitzers

Thrower - Block
Thrower - Accurate


2 rerolls, Apo, 100,000 in the bank

There are now two weeks left in the season left, with the orcs due to face The Counters (vampires) this evening and Zombie Economics (undead) next week. I then have to decide whether I want to take this team into the main league next season.

On balance I think I won’t. It’s not because I don’t like the team, or the team is bad. In contrast I’ve enjoyed playing them and I think it’s been a good experience. The reason is because orc teams are so common in the main league – there are more orc teams than all the elven races put together, for example. So I think I’ll try something different, and I’ve gone for a high elf team. I like the idea of the elfy passing game, and I like the fact that my players can pick up the ball occasionally. I like the fact they have AV8, so don’t fold up like paper.

I’ve been running a high elf team in the development league with mixed success. After a 2-2 draw last night (damn saurus making a turn 16 interception to stop me winning) they are in good shape and have a star blitzer with AG5.

I’ll keep reporting on Angband Wolves until the end of the season – there is still an outside chance of me finishing in the top 2 – and thereafter will report on the elves. I’ll keep posting match reports for Doomdark’s Revenge, even though this season has been a really tough one for them.

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