Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Match Report: Divisions of Death division J, Match 2

Int'He Night Guardians (Necro) v Doomdark's Revenge (Chaos, me)

The Chaos team were very confident going into this match against a rookie Necro team with no skills from its first game. The match saw the debut of Doomdark's Daughter, their new minotaur blocker. Unfortunately Nuffle had his own plans for the outcome of the match.

Even before the first ball had been kicked, the home fans threw a rock which badly hurt The Utarg of Utarg, the only skilled Chaos Warrior on the team. The kick landed off-pitch, and the ball was handed to Lord Doomdark. Immediately after the start of the game the Chaos players began to be KO'd, to the extent that by the start of the Chaos turn three there were only six Chaos players on the pitch against ten Night Guardians. Doomdark's Daughter had been carried from the field having knocked herself out while attempting to clobber a zombie.

With such a shocking numerical disadvantage there was little the Chaos team could do to prevent the score. The Night Guardian team slowly and methodically surrounded the remaining opposition, hitting and fouling repeatedly to reduce the Chaos team to five by the end of the half, with one of their werewolves running the ball as the last act. 1-0 to Int'He Night Guardians at half time

With five players standing at the end of the half, one reserve and five KO'd, the Chaos coach hoped for eight or nine players in the second half to make a game of it, but it was not to be. Not a single Chaos player came round at half time and only six Chaos players stood to try to contest the Night Guardian drive. As expected the Necromantic team swarmed forward and easily scored a second touchdown on turn 11. 2-0 to Int'He Night Guardians on turn 11

At this point fully four of the five KO'd Chaos players returned, including the minotaur, and with 10 players on the field the Chaos team determined to try to set up a drive for a consolation touchdown. Unfortunately it was not to be. With so few turns left it was necessary to move the cage quickly, and so a gap was smashed in the line for the remaining Chaos Warriors to pour through, but the Night Guardians had set up deeply and their safety line moved to cover the break.

The Chaos team saw an opportunity to change the point of attack, but two failed Wild Animal rolls in a row on the required Minotaur blitz meant that the drive stalled with the ball being knocked loose. Finally at the very end of the game the Chaos team remembered how to hit, and a series of spectacular blocks ensured that there would be no third touchdown for the Necro team.

Thoughts - Not again!

Yet another spectacular series of bad dice at the start of the game ensures that it's over before I have a chance to do anything. Losing my best player to a thrown rock and then four players KO'd in my opponent's first two turns was just sickening and ensured I would be behind at half time, but then for every single KO'd player to stay down (1 in 32 chance) it meant that I had no chance of preventing a second score.

Looking at the dice overall I would say that I was actually rather lucky. My opponent's armour rolls were really awful, and it was a miracle that lining up with six players against a merciless fouler with clawed werewolves did not lead to anything worse than KOs. My only casualty against was caused by the rock thrown by the crowd at the start. Some of my block dice at the end were ridiculous too.

This illustrates why looking at the dice stats from BB Manager is pointless - it doesn't matter what the overall dice were, just what the important dice were. That early thrown rock, for example, denied me my only reliable hitter for the entire game, and that was crucial in the end.

To add insult to injury, the MVP went to Ice Fear, my niggled beastman (who I was about to cut). He then rolled a double. I've given him sneaky git, because I am really really in the mood for hurting a team at the moment.

I am also really cash rich. I don't want to add players at the moment because it would only be more rookie beastmen who would dilute the MVPs away from my minotaur and Chaos warriors (but then 3 rookie beastmen on the bench would have been great for this match). I've taken a fourth reroll for now and I'll look to add more players in future - 14 sounds a good number to me.


Lord Doomdark - Chaos Warrior - rookie
The Utarg of Utarg - Chaos Warrior - block
The Lord of Whispers - Chaos Warrior - rookie
The Lord of Thrall - Chaos Warrior - rookie

Doomdark's Daughter - Minotaur - rookie

Ice Fear - beastman - sneaky git, niggle
Xajorkith Taken - beastman - extra arms
The Fey Slain - beastman - rookie
The Moon Sets - beastman - rookie
Morkin Fallen - beastman - rookie
Two other beastmen whose names I can't remember - rookie

4 rerolls
1 Apo
2 FF

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