Sunday, 8 July 2012

Match Report: Divisions of Death division J, Match 1

So the second season in the Divisions of Death has begun for Doomdark's Revenge. Fortunately with the structure shakeup last season they were not promoted to the third tier, and return in the bottom (fourth) tier of a new, flatter division structure.

The opponent's for Doomdark's Revenge this season will be

Xenny's Berserkers (Norse) - Played them last season and beat them up a fair bit. One werewolf dead, the other cut due to -1 strength. +1AV yheti is a bit scary.

The Waaaghriors (Orc) - New team. Experienced coach. Lots of rerolls and a sensible build. Should be tough.

Int-He Night Guardians (Necro) - Bizarre childrens' TV-themed necro team. Coach is a bugger for fouling so with cheap zombies I expect him to be all over me like a rash.

Match report - Xenny's Berserkers (Norse) v Doomdark's Revenge (me, Chaos)

So the new season kicked off with the Chaos receiving a high kick deep in their own half. Immediately mistakes were made on the line of scrimmage and some poor hitting allowed the Norse to pour forwards and pressure the flanks. The ball was recovered by Xajorkith Taken (beastman), and the Norse overcommitted at the sides and neglected to leave a safety screen.

Xajorkith duly zigzagged through the Norse tackle zones without coming close enough to be grabbed, and headed for the end zone. The Norse flank attackers were too far away to get back, and they contented themselves with causing a casualty and a KO before the beastman trundled home on turn 6. 0-1 to Doomdark's Revenge

The Berserkers lined up for an audacious pass-and-cage move, hoping to form up around their receiver midway through the Chaos half. Unfortunately the pass was dropped, and the Chaos team blitzed in and ensured there was not enough time for a score. 0-1 to Doomdark's Revenge at half time

The Chaos team were outnumbered again in the second half, with 9 players lining up to the 11 Norse. Again the Norse team abandoned the LOS, forming a cage on their left hand side and keeping their thrower deep with the ball. Deep, that is, but not deep enough, and a beastman blitzed forwards, just catching the thrower and KOing him. A desperate fight ensued at the sidelines near the Norse end zone, with the yheti miles away and furious because there were not enough players nearby to hit, and a ring of chaos warriors around the ball.

On turn 13 the ball was in the corner, the Chaos team had just crowdsurfed two players, and the Lord of Thrall needed a 3+ pickup to make the score 2-0 (and level up, as it happens). He failed, and a Norse loner mercenary lineman dodged away from his marker and picked the ball up in a tackle zone. The Lord of Thrall made to swat the impudent Norse into next week, but a quick double skulls later was on the deck, and the lineman was sprinting away to hand the ball off to a nearby runner.

True to his name, the runner hared off down the field with a lineman keeping up. A single chaos warrior stood in his way, but the dauntless runner charged straight at him, knocking him down, and hurtling the length of the field to tie the score 1-1 on turn 16.

With no help coming on the kickoff table, the Chaos team ignored the kicked ball, and tore into the Norse on the line of scrimmage, causing three of them to be carried off, and the final score was 1-1.

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