Monday, 9 July 2012

Thoughts on the game

A frustrating game in the end, where the lack of skills for my chaos team yet again became an issue. After four games with this team I have only two skillups, with my SPPs sprinkled across my players fairly evenly.

The first half I benefitted from yet another opponent who tries too hard to get the ball while not paying sufficient attention to holding the centre (this is becoming a theme). In the second half my opponent’s error in leaving their thrower within range of a blitz (apparently she pressed the “end turn” button by mistake) should have given me the game, but she had a nice streak of luck at the end to get a TD with no rerolls available (which was fair enough, she’d been unlucky in the first half and the dice were pretty even over the whole game).

That said, I am quite cash rich, and have enough money to either buy a fourth reroll or a minotaur. Perhaps the sensible thing to do would be to buy the reroll but, I’m sorry, I love the bull. Yes, perhaps it’s too early in the team’s development to buy an unreliable turnover-machine, but then, look at it. Strength 5. Horns, for God’s sake! Frenzy! Mighty blow!

Yep, I’m getting the cow in for the next game.

That will make the team:

1 Minotaur
4 Chaos Warriors (1 with block)
7 Beastmen (1 with a skillup)
3 Rerolls
1 Apo

Not sure what to do with the skillup. I have thought about getting extra arms, to reduce my need for rerolls when picking up the ball, or block for a slightly more reliable hitter. The final choice would be piling on to start my “killer” beastman on his path to glory.

I think the boring-but-sensible block might be the way to go, especially as I am letting myself in for the insanity of the minotaur. It gives me a reliable blitzer to use as a safety against any orc break.

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