Thursday, 26 July 2012

Match report - SSC division 2 match 6

The Counters (Vampire) v Angband Wolves (Orc, me)

The rebuilt orc team, having had a fortnight off after their last game emerged onto the field looking to continue their rehabilitation from the mauling in game week 3. They faced The Counters, a team of many vamps, a medium number of thralls, and very few rerolls.

The orc coach, never having faced a vampire team before, told his players to target the thralls and to be cautious with the ball, hoping that if the thrall numbers could be decreased eventually the vampires' bloodlust would take over and their play would fall apart. The orc team was much weaker on paper than the vamps' so a wizard was recruited to even the score.

The vamps won the toss and elected to kick. Their specialist thrall kicker placed the ball very close to the halfway line on the orc's right, with the orc throwers unable to reach it without "going for it". Unwilling to take a risk so early on, the orcs contented themselves with surrounding the ball and flattening the thralls on the LOS. They had reckoned without the vampires' hypnotic gaze, however, and the vamps turned their funny eyes on the corners of the orc cage, allowing one of their number to steal in, grab the ball and dodge away back behind their own lines. The sparkly-skinned poseur finished his turn by taking a bite out of the thrall kicker, which took him off the pitch for the remainder of the game.

The orc team kept to the plan and kept hitting thralls, and the vampires quickly shifted the ball across the pitch and another vampire took the ball and hurtled down the orc left. He lost his footing and tripped, however, and the orcs gathered the ball and began a slow push down the left side. Without much actual hitting, the orcs kept the ball moving and kept a screen up between the ball and the vampire lines. Eventually the orcs were in the position to make a simple hand off to a blitzer for the touchdown, but the ball was dropped! Fortunately they were able to recover, with star thrower Gothmog able to run the ball in on turn 8. 0-1 to Angband Wolves at half time

Lining up for the second half the vamps received the ball and caged up on the half way line in the centre. Again, they used their superior speed and agility to shift the ball to one side and down the orc left, and over the first three turns of the second half they established a cage by the sideline and with the ball in the hands of a vampire within scoring range. The smell of ozone in the air alerted the fans to the fact that the wizard was warming up his wand, and with a crash of thunder and a flash of light the unfortunate vamp was lying in a blackened heap.

The orcs recovered the ball, but again using their hypnotic gaze the vamps were able to penetrate the cage and knock it loose. With only a few turns to go a large punch up ensued near the orc end zone. The orc tactic of beating up the thralls (and the vamp tactic of eating the thralls) began to bear fruit however, and vampires began to be sent off for bloodlust. With the clock ticking down there was just time for the orcs to grab the ball and make space for a blitzer to burst clear of the scrum and hand the ball off to a goal-hanging team mate on the half way line, who sprinted for the vampire end zone. The orcs surrounded the remaining vampires to no avail, and on the last turn the last vampire was able to dodge away from his markers and flatten the blitzer, meaning the game ended 0-1 to Angband Wolves at full time

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