Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Match Report: Divisions of Death, Division K, Match 3

Boatmurdered Athletics FC (Dwarf, Joose) v Doomdark's Revenge (Chaos, me)

The mighty-yet-crap-at-Blood-Bowl-so-far chaos team lumbered onto the field led by their captain and most useless chaos warrior, Lord Doomdark, backed up by the mighty st5 Utarg of Utarg, and the minotaur Doomdark's Daughter. The dwarves were understandably unwilling to go up against the fearsome chaotic horde, and insisted on extra training and a mercenary deathroller being added to their roster (question - why not a bribe?).

The dwarves received the ball in the pouring rain, with the deathroller immediately knocking out a beastman and the irritating stunties stunning another. The chaos team stood off the dwarves, with the chaos warriors forming a formidable line and the mighty blow beastman Abandoning Hope being used in a hit and run capacity to blitz . A strong cage was formed by the dwarves, who moved forward to engage the chaos team directly. A massive fight ensued, with another beastman being carried off and the numerical superiority of the dwarves looking more and more important, but in their eagerness to more the cage forward the dwarf runner strayed too close to a downed chaos warrior, the Lord of Thrall, who promptly stood up and biffed him one.

The wet ball bounced around, until it was grabbed by the Utarg of Utarg, with the powerful warrior proving a huge obstacle to the dwarves’ chances of recovering the ball. The chaos team gradually shifted the fight from the centre circle to the right hand side of the pitch, away from the all-devouring maw of the deathroller, and despite a plucky dwarven blitzer who manage to knock over the Utarg with a two-dice-against block, the ball was eventually recovered and handed off to Xajorkith Taken, the three-armed beastman, who sprinted clear up the right touchline.

The dwarves were unable to reposition in time, and the score was run in on turn 8 0-1 to Doomdark’s Revenge at half time

Glad to see the back of the deathroller, ten chaos players lined up against eleven dwarves at the start of the second half. The dwarves confidently put five blockers on the line of scrimmage, but these were made short work of by the chaos warriors and minotaur, with the minotaur getting yet another KO in the process (still no casualties for Doomdark’s Daughter…). In response the dwarves crowded around to batter a poor exposed beastman on the right hand side of the chaos offensive line, but this overcommitment  to violence proved to be the dwarves’ undoing, as the more mobile chaos team simply charged up the left hand side of the pitch, with hardly any of the dwarf team able to get back and defend.

With only a runner between the chaos team and the line, and with the minotaur and a strength 5 chaos warrior holding the centre of the field to block the dwarves from recovering, a touchdown was all-but-inevitable. Some heroics from a blitzer and a troll slayer managed to delay the score, but a desperate attempt to shove the ball carrier into the crowd ultimately failed, and Xajorkith Taken scored a second touchdown. 0-2 to Doomdark’s Revenge on turn 14 and at full time

So we round off another disappointing season with a win, to make 5 points from the 3 games, finishing second behind the lizards of Death Vengeance of Doom. I should have won my first game against the Amazons but for ridiculous overextension, and was very very close to a win in the second game against the lizards (I was stopped about 4 squares from the line in turn 16). One of the advantages of the short season structure of the Divisions is that every game matters, and draws are not really good enough most of the time.

Doomdark's Revenge are going to go on a short hiatus, because I've been mouthing off on the forums about how goblins are a viable team and I'm going to try to back that up by playing as them for a bit. So my new goblin team The Daedal Earth will replace them for a couple of seasons at least. I've also started contributing to the OCC's magazine so won't be writing full game reports of my gobbos, but I'll post from time to time so that you can see how they're getting on. I'll still be writing about the high elven team as normal.

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