Monday, 3 September 2012

Thoughts on OCC 6A Match 2

Aaargh! Yet another draw in a game I should have won! This time I was left scrambling for a late draw to prevent a somewhat humiliating loss.
There was so much wrong with my play in this game, I’ll stick to the basics.
1)      My offence is incredibly potent with this team. Both passing and rushing are very powerful given the pace and agility I can call on.
2)      I can’t defend! I was pretty much brushed aside in the first half, whereas the second half I was panicking about “only” getting a draw, and tried to force a turnover when I should have focussed on beating up receivers.
3)      I spent far too much time trying to hit the star player.
So what could I have done differently to win? I should have delayed longer before scoring in the first half. I was very comfortable, and could have waited another turn at least. I should then not have gone for the ball from the blitz – I had no chance of getting it, and should have focussed on keeping my shape and getting a free hit in on his pieces. I also have learned how dangerous it can be to keep an elf upright in the backfield. I need to cover the lines better and use my blitzes on those receivers. There is no way I should have conceded a TD in three turns against dark elves, and that's really bad play.
In my defence it was my first game against elves outside of random online matchmaking (and only 2 games there), and I was not prepared for how easy they would find ball handling. I could also have asked for some slightly better dice for my mighty blow catcher, who didn’t do much all game.
Yet again however, over-eagerness and over-optimism has led me to over extend and ultimately fail to win. Position, defence, restraint. Keep repeating those words…
My brilliant lovely thrower has levelled. It will be dodge I think unless he gets a double (strong arm) or a stat up.

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