Monday, 3 September 2012

Match Report: OCC Division 6A Game 2

Swarm Blast (Dark Elf) vs The Grey Haven Guard (High Elf, me)
The “lineman only” dark elf team, supported by star assassin Horkan Heartripper, took the field as underdogs against their high elven cousins. Nevertheless, fortified by gallons of Bloodweiser ale which were supplied by a couple of beautiful Bloodweiser Babes, they were confident of getting a result out of the game.
The high elves won the toss and elected to receive. The kick was short and central, and the high elves knocked a hole in the dark elven line and ran two catchers deep into the left hand side of the backfield while their star thrower Eledhwen Elethomiel picked up the ball in a loose cage. Two dark elves where knocked out by the high elven blitzers in the initial scrimmaging blocks. The dark elves reacted quickly to close the passing threat down, and Heartripper stabbed one catcher into the KO box, while the other was marked.
With a numerical advantage, the high elves switched to a running game and cut right, leaving the dark elven safety cordon on the wrong side of the field. Moving quickly the high elves pressed forward and scored before the Swarm defence could recover. 0-1 to The Grey Haven Guard on turn 4
It was here that things started to go wrong from the Guard. Large helpings of ale ensured that both dark elves recovered from their KOs, but the high elven catcher remained off the field, giving the dark elves a numbers advantage in the remainder of the half. Immediately on the kick off the high elves decided to blitz, giving their coach a conundrum – the kick was so deep that the Guard would not be able to get under the ball, but nevertheless the high elves decided to use their blitz to knock over the end of the dark elven line and threaten the ball.
Four dark elven linemen formed a screen around the ball, however, and the high elves were now in a position where they were unable to hit the dark elven ball carrier. Meanwhile Heartripper was stabbing left and right on the line of scrimmage and the dark elves ran a potential receiver deep into the high elven half. The high elven coach decided to abandon the blitz and try to form a screen, but made the mistake of simply marking the receiver and hitting on the line of scrimmage. The Swarm blitzed the marker away and made a short pass to score. 1-1 on turn 6
With 2 turns to score, the high elves needed to crack the dark elven line. Double push rerolled to double push meant that they couldn’t break through however, and the half ended with Elethomiel having to throw the ball to safety of team captain Xakalwe in order to prevent a dark elf sack and keep the score 1-1 at half time.
The Guard kicked off the second half, risking a short kick to the left in the hope of another blitz. No such luck this time, however, and the dark elves formed a tight cage on the half way line. After some hitting on the line of scrimmage that included a stabbed elf being carried off badly hurt and another knocked out Guardsman, the dark elves dashed right, with Heartripper spearheading a run down the right sideline. The high elves recovered and stopped the dark elves just inside their half, and the Swarm responded by sending receivers left into the backfield and dropping their ball carrier back deep.
Cheradenine Xakalwe and a fellow catcher blitzed through to get alongside the dark elven ball carrier, but the high elves had not marked the receivers tightly enough. The marker was blitzed away, and dodge, pass, catch, sprint, hand-off, sprint touchdown (typical elf-ball) 2-1 to Swarm Blast on turn 14
With just three turns left in the match, the high elves again knocked a hole in the dark elven line and ran catchers forward, and as in the first half these were marked tightly by the Swarm. Heartripper dodged through the melee on the line of scrimmage and put a tackle zone on Elethomiel.
The nerveless high elf thrower capped a flawless afternoon however by dodging away from the shadowing assassin, and placing another slide rule pass – this time to Xakalwe on the line of scrimmage. Pausing only to batter a dark elf linemen to the ground, the hero blitzer ran close to the right touchline halfway inside the dark elf half.  The remaining high elves threw a screen around the blitzer, except for the remaining catcher, who hovered near his markers close to the end zone, and a single lineman who ran up the left hand side of the pitch into space – seemingly unnoticed by the bloodthirsty dark elves.
With the full time whistle about to sound, the dark elves put a strong screen ahead of Xakalwe and managed to knock him over. Undeterred the blitzer dusted himself off, picked up the ball and launched a long pass laterally from the right touchdown to the left, which was caught by the high elven lineman to run in for the equalising score. 2-2 at full time

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