Saturday, 8 September 2012

Thoughts on OCC 6A Match 3

A really satisfying win, albeit against a team much battered prior to the game.

FOAD were one of the teams I was very concerned about prior to the game, but the death of their tackle/mighty blow blitzer and three other MNGs meant that it was not as bad as I had thought. I am starting to think that maybe I obsess over the skills the other guy has, rather than being confident in the players I have.

The first half saw yet *another* example of my overeagerness at the kick off, but this time the power of AG5 meant that even in a rock solid cage I had a 50% chance of dodging in and surfing the opponent.

The second half was almost routine, and I think I played really well - much more defensively than I have been doing, and it paid off with a second defensive TD (this time well deserved).

This is where the team is at going into two games which will decide my season:

I play Howling Dreadnoughts this week - a very strong necro team with a killer wolf - and the league leaders Zombie Economics next week. After that I have some easier games, and so I think that three points from the next two matches will see me with a good chance of promotion.

You'll see that I have my anti-ghoul device - a catcher with mighty blow and tackle. This player should deter my opponent from putting the fragile ghouls in danger, but I guess you can never tell how these things will pan out.

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