Friday, 21 September 2012

Match Report: OCC Division 6A Match 5

Zombie Economics (undead) v The Grey Haven Guard (high elf, me)

After their mauling last week at the hands of the Howling Dreadnoughts, the elves were missing their team captain (Xakalwe, AG5 blodging blitzer) injured, and their quarterback (Elethomiel, accurate dodger) dead. In the interim they had recruited another rookie catcher (Finuviel) and a new quarterback (Cirdan).

They faced off against the formidable sight of Zombie Economics, boasting a 100% record of four wins going into the game. The Economists were missing a ghoul this week, but with two skilled mummies, 3 excellent ghouls and a killer wight, they presented a massive challenge for the battered elves.

The game kicked off with the undead receiving. The high elves backed away from the undead in the centre, with Vanval the star catcher (MB, tackle) knocking out the killer wight. Meanwhile Werelenial, a wrestle catcher, circled around the end of the undead line. The undead made an initial foray down the elven left flank, which was shut down by the elves, and the undead switched to the right. In doing so, however an opportunity to hit Jean Barroso, the ball carrying ghoul, opened up. Due to a mistake in positioning, however, the chance was lost, and the elves had to content themselves with smashing aside a zombie and getting a tackle zone on the ghoul.

The undead repositioned, and completed their switch to the right side, but a number of their big hitters were now quite a long way from the ball, and now there was a second chance for the high elves to strike. Nuffle intervened, however, as the elf who would have assisted the block failed a (skilled) dodge roll getting away from his marker. Still, the defence held firm and the undead were forced to try to switch sides yet again. This time it was not to be, and Hadilinas, the teams kicker, assisted by Tananmyr, finally put the ghoul on the deck. Critically however, the ghoul’s armour was not broken, and after some fighting around the ball the ghoul was able to leap to his feet, dodge away from a marker, pick the ball up in a tackle zone and sprint the ball into the end zone on turn 8. 1-0 to Zombie Economics at half time

In the second half the undead set up a strong but shallow line, with two mummies (one with guard) and a guard zombie on the line of scrimmage and supporting players just behind. Unable to dent the line of scrimmage, the elves began by knocking a hole in one end of the line and running the rookie catcher into the undead backfield. Cirdan dropped back deep with the ball, meanwhile.

The undead responded by breaking through the centre with their mummies, supported by the killer wight. The elves covered the gap again, and spotted that there was an opportunity to get a hit on the undead’s star ghoul with Vanval. The ghoul survived the hit however, and the undead attacked in the centre again, blitzing through and threatening Cirdan with their killer wight and mummies. Unable to see a way to escape the wight, who could reach the entire elven half from his central position, the elves were forced to score. Cirdan dashed forward and made a short pass to Werelenial by the half way line, and Werelenial sprinted forward to make a hand off to Finuviel, who scored. 1-1 on turn 11

This left six turns for the undead to equalise, and in slightly anti-climactic fashion they only needed five. The killer wight had put two more elves in the casualty box at this stage, and when a small gap in the undead line appeared, the elves felt compelled to try to attack the ball carrier. The dodge through failed, however, and the undead took up a strong position on the elven right. Although some heroic defence allowed the elves to put tackle zones on the ghoul, not once but twice, they could never get close enough to hit him, and the AG4 ghoul scored his second touchdown on turn 15. 2-1 to Zombie Economics at full time

So a pretty bad result, capping a second bad week in a row for me. I’d said that one win from the two games against the tougher opposition would put me in a good place for promotion, and unfortunately I’m now stuck in mid-table having lost both games.

I played ok in the first half, and was pretty unlucky not to keep him out (snake-eyes on a dodge to get a 2D hit on turn 6 with my wrestle catcher while he was out of position could have changed everything). I was a bit reckless with my rerolls early on, which cost me at the end. I think my drive was fine. I could maybe have stalled another turn, but it would have been a big risk, so I probably did the right thing.

I was far too overeager at the end though and made it tough for myself on defence. Still, he had a pretty big numbers advantage though. Definitely the two undead coaches have been excellent players this season. Neither of them gave me much for free at all.

I’ve now got two “easier” games against the vamps and the humans. Neither team is very bashy, so my offence should be really good, and I can stand toe-to-toe with them on the line. I really need two wins in the next two games to have any chance of a decent finish this season.

No level ups from the game, although I got SPPs on my rookie thrower and catcher which is pretty cool.

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  1. You're highly likely to promote anyway. Due to rerolling (always more frequent when a new edition hits) it's rare for teams to stay in T6.

    The higher you go the harder it gets. ;)