Tuesday, 28 August 2012

How to use BBDigital to produce a team roster

I've been asked how I produce the team roster graphics. The method is below (no credit to me - taken from Dode74's page in the OCC).

1. Log in to BB and go to the team management page (the roster).

2. Alt-tab out and open your internet explorer.

3. Sign in on the BBDigital homepage: http://www.bloodbowldigital.com/ - you will need to create an account if you don't have one.

4. Press "Leagues" (far right on top horizontal menu).

5. At this point you can either create your own league, or post a team to mine (which is called "EB's teams").

6. Filter to "E", scroll down to EB's teams and click the league name.

7. For the first upload of a team click the top "Choose file" button. For further uploads you can press the second one to update an existing team.

8. This should open up C:\Users\Name\Documents\BloodBowlLegendary\Saves\Net where you will find tmp.db. Select and upload that file. You may need to enter the password before pressing Upload Team.

9. You should be taken to a team screen like this  one. Screenshot it using Prt Scrn.

10. Open up a graphics editor (I use microsoft paint) and paste with ctrl+v. Crop to size as required and you are done.

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