Friday, 24 August 2012

Thoughts on OCC 6A Match 1

A mixed bag of a game really. Firstly, I am absolutely delighted with the result. The Bones Brigade are a really good team with double my SPP, and I was expected to lose and get the crap beaten out of me. That's one of the four really nasty teams in my division out of the way.

The one turn touchdown was lucky (about 20% chance including a team reroll), and that should have been enough to win me the game right there. My big mistake was scoring too quickly in the second half. I decided to trust my defence to keep him out in 7 turns, and it was close but no cigar. If I'd delayed just a couple more turns then I could have ground out a win.

One thing which stood out in the game was that I had absolutely no way of dealing with my opponent's ghouls. They all seemed to have wrestle and dodge, and I just never rolled pows when I hit them. In the second half my opponent started to run them solo behind my lines, realising that I just couldn't hurt them. I desperately need some tackle in the team.

Moving to the permanent consequences of the game, I lost a rookie lino killed, which is no bad thing really since I had too many linemen. I have another one MNG. Since my next game is against an all-linemen dark elf side I should be to compete with just 11 players so I don't think I need anyone in as yet.

I had two level ups, a catcher and a dodge linemen. I was in a quandry with the catcher. Catchers really need block/wrestle/dodge as a first skill to keep them alive, but I'm going to need tackle in two games' time against another undead team. I want my catchers to have an aggressive role - being hit and run sackers or sweepers. I rolled a double in the end, so went for mighty blow. I think I need that injury threat in the team, it fits with what I want to do with my catchers, and it might make an opposing coach think twice about putting his ghouls in harm's way.

I took kick on my dodge linemen, as I've been meaning to get it anyway, and now I have two catchers I can really take advantage of a good kick.

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