Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Match Report: OCC Division 6A Game 1

The Grey Haven Guard (High Elves, me) v The Bones Brigade (Undead)

The high elves kicked off against the fearsome undead team, with The Bones Brigade being one of the early favourites to take the division title.

Prior to the game the GHG had recruited another catcher, deciding that speed would be of the essence to outmaneuver the walking dead. Accordingly no inducements were available.

The kick was deep into the undead half, and immediately one of the mummies killed a high elven lineman. It wasn't all bad news however, as the ghoul ball-handler fumbled the pickup giving the elves an opportunity to put on early pressure. The elven blitzers and catchers ran either around or through the undead line of scrimmage, throwing a screen up inside the undead half. The undead recovered the ball at the second attempt, however, and made a strong cage for the ball carrier.

Having seven(!) players with guard skill, the undead cage was very difficult to break, and the elves instead concentrated on dealing out some pain, having a zombie and a wight stretchered off. The elves then slowly retreated, giving up more and more ground to the undead cage. The undead executed a perfect eight turn drive, scoring on turn 8 0-1 to The Bones Brigade on turn 8

Expecting to coast through to half time, the undead set up with three players close together on the line of scrimmage, and everyone else back close to their own line. They had reckoned without elven ingenuity as The Grey Haven Guard executed a perfect one turn touchdown (with a MV8 player). Chain pushes knocked the receiver three squares into the undead half, and despite the very deep kick the elven quarterback launched a long bomb into the catcher's hands. The catcher then dodged around the undead line (not needing the team reroll which had been saved for the maneuver) to make the score 1-1 at half time

Lining up in the second half, the elves executed a two turn touchdown this time, with the undead team not trying to knock over their receivers but preferring to pressure the elves into scoring early. Another slide rule long pass, another catch, dodge and touchdown. 2-1 to The Grey Haven Guard on turn 9

A pitch invasion then occurred, and despite the majority of elven fans in the stands, eight elven players were nobbled by the crowd. This, coupled with snakeyes rolled on a dodge that ended an elven turn early, allowed the undead to charge forward and cage up aggressively in the elven half.

The Grey Haven Guard struggled to get back, and formed columns right on their own line to deflect the undead. A rather untidy punch-up ensued, but the elves' lack of tackling skills began to tell, with them unable to knock over the ghouls, and the ball was run in on turn 16. 2-2 at full time

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