Monday, 27 August 2012

Match Report - Divisions of Death, Division K, Match 2

Doomdark's Revenge (Chaos, me) v Death Vengeance of Doom (Lizardmen)

The chaos team and the lizards were fairly evenly matched in team value terms, so no inducements were required. The lizards had won their first game and a draw between the other two teams in this division earlier in the day meant that a win here would guarantee promotion for them. Doomdark's Revenge, on the other hand, needed a win to ensure their promotion prospects remained in their own hands.

 The lizards elected to receive, getting a skink under the high kick who caught the ball. From the ensuing LOS blocks the beastman The Fey Slain was injured and had to be carried off. The sauri and kroxigor formed a meatshield, and the skinks ran from side to side behind that line, looking for an opening. Meanwhile the lizard's star saurus (block, mighty blow) was kept in reserve and kept dashing forwards to blitz exposed players.

The chaos team, for their part, tried to keep their chaos warriors in the centre and use their beastmen as a mobile reserve. There was a small opportunity for the chaos team to get to the ball carrier, as Abandoning Hope (mighty blow beastmen) nipped through a hole in the lizards' line and blitzed one of the skinks escorting the ball carrier. He failed to break armour however and the skinks dodged away. Eventually however the skinks' mobility proved too much for the chaos team, and the skinks, supported by a saurus, took advantage of an early chaos double skulls on a block to run close to the line. The chaos team couldn't get back in time other than to put a TZ on the ball carrier. The skink passed his dodge roll and scored. 0-1 to Death Vengeance of Doom on turn 6

The chaos team had three turns to score, and immediately were subjected to a lizard blitz. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise however, as the skinks ran around the left hand side of the pitch to pressure the ball, but after a little scuffling the beastman Xajorkith Taken scooped up the ball with one of his three arms and handed the ball off to Abandoning Hope, who ran deep into the lizard half. Three skinks got back to make a screen, but Abandoning Hope simply blitzed through the screen to equalise on the stroke of half time. 1-1 at half time

The chaos team received the ball in the second half, and began a long, slow grind to eat up time. Instead of moving the cage forwards, they kept the ball protected and concentrated on hitting the lizards, although they had little luck in getting through the lizards' armour. After about three turns of fighting, the cage started drifting forwards and to the left, with the Utarg of Utarg (ST5 warrior with block) at the front of the cage, driving the sauri back.

As the half drew to a close, the lizards were more and more out of position, as the cage simply rolled past most of the sauri and the krox, leaving them behind the ball. The chaos coach was unwilling to score too early, but the increasingly desperate lizard defence, with its screen of blodging skinks was difficult to penetrate. The chaos team had a fair chance to score on the last turn, but some brave skinks, coupled with double skulls on a block, meant that the game ended 1-1 at full time.

Thoughts on the game

My first half touchdown gave me a good chance to win the game, but the lizard defence was too good in the second half. Without claw I just wasn't able to break the saurus armour, and as expected I couldn't lay a finger on the skinks. When I did manage to catch them, I only got 1 KO from 4 mighty blow hits.

I need more block, plus claw and tackle in the team to really make it competitive.

On the plus side - well, no-one died. The Utarg of Utarg is an absolute monster. With ST5 and block he utterly dominated the centre of the pitch and against bashier teams I can really build my drive around this guy. The minotaur had a decent game, there was only one bad failure, but that was my own fault for making a greedy block that I didn't need to make, and in the end it didn't cost me.

One of my two remaining rookie warriors, The Lord of Whispers, hit level 2, which was nice. The game hasn't been validated yet so I'm not sure what I'll get. My next opponents are dwarves, and I'm tempted to go for claw, to give them something to think about.

The league table is:

Death Vengeance of Doom (Liz) W1 D1 4pts
Doomdark's Revenge (Cha) D2 2pts
The Bulging Vixens (Ama) D2 2pts
Boatmurdered Athletics FC (Dwa) D1 L1 1pt

I need to beat the dwarves and hope for a draw in the last match of the season to get promotion. A loss, combined with an amazon win will relegate me. All to play for in the last game of the season!

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