Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Match Report: Divisions of Death division K, Match 1

Bulging Vixens (Amazon) vs Doomdark's Revenge (Chaos, me)

Due to a last minute change in scheduling the Bulging Vixens, a rookie Amazon team, took the place of the Waaaghriors in the league, and kicked off against Lord Doomdark's evil army.

The girls were most unwilling to take on the chaos horde, and needed to be bribed with 350,000 gold pieces, which they invested in a wizard, and the star player Zara the Slayer. Both of these inducements were to play a key role in the game, and the deep bench of the Amazons (14 players!) was also to be key.

The amazons elected to receive, and the high kick allowed the ball to be picked up by their quarterback. Immediately one of the four Vixen blitzers managed to badly hurt a beastman on the line of scrimmage, and the Vixens caged up on the right hand wide zone, near the half way line, with only an unskilled chaos warrior (the Lord of Whispers) and a beastman blocking their route to the chaos backfield.

Seeing the danger the chaos team repositioned to shore up the right hand side, and Doomdark's Daughter, the brutal minotaur, charged forwards to smash aside an amazonian linewoman and shut down the flank, with the Utarg of Utarg (ST5, block) covering the side of the cage. At this stage Ice Fear, the sneaky git beastman tried to foul the gasping prone linewoman, but the eagle-eyed ref sent him off with the linewoman only stunned!

The amazonian coach sought to take advantage of the slow chaos players by attempting an endaround play, moving into the centre to make a quick pass to a catcher who would run left around the chaos line. The hapless catcher dropped the pass, however, leaving the Vixens badly exposed with the ball near the halfway line and in the centre of the pitch.

A ruck ensued, with the Utarg of Utarg and Lord Doomdark getting tackle zones on the ball and Abandoning Hope, unskilled beastie, picking up the ball and making a break for the line. Zara the Slayer tried to knock a chaos warrior down to free up her teammates for a blitz, but double skulls meant that the chaos beastman ran in the touchdown on turn 5. 0-1 to Doomdark's Revenge

The ball was kicked off and caught by one of the amazonian receivers, who handed the ball off to their quarterback and the cage was again drawn up on the right. This time however, with time running out, the Vixens were forced to take risks and the Utarg of Utarg was able to charge in and sack the thrower on turn 7. The only points of note in the last three turns were two casualties for Zara the Slayer. She first smashed the ankle of the Lord of Thrall, but the chaos team's priest called on mighty Slaanesh to soothe the chaos warrior's pain, and the Lord of Thrall got up and rejoined the match, jogging on his bloodied stump. The devil woman then badly hurt another beastman. 0-1 to Doomdark's Revenge at half time

Only 9 chaos players lined up in the second half against 11 irritating amazons. The ball was caged up close to the half way line, and this was the point at which matters began to go wrong for the chaos team. The amazons committed hugely to a fight on the chaos right, and the correct plan would have been to play defensively, mindful of the wizard, and make the amazons do all the work to get an equaliser. Instead, however, seeing the amazons out of position the beastman ball-carrier handed the ball off to the Utarg of Utarg, who charged off to the left into the Vixens' backfield.

The amazons scrambled back desperately, with Zara stabbing the minotaur and two Vixens managing to get back to put tackle zones on the ball carrier. The mighty Utarg was not to be denied however, and punched on marker and dodged away from the other, running merely inches from the line. The air crackled with ozone and chanting was heard from the Vixens' dugout, before a lightning bolt arced down, badly hurting the chaos warrior. The ball bounced free on the Vixens' line, with a chaos warrior and two beastmen taking on three amazons (and the Vixens coach out of rerolls). With seconds left on the clock one of the amazonian linewomen picked up the ball in a tackle zone, dodged away, and made a pass to a nearby catcher. The catcher hurtled down the sideline, and when the Lord of Whispers failed a dodge roll to blitzer her into the crowd, an equalizer was inevitable. There was only time for Lord Doomdark to badly hurt one of the amazons before the game ended with an equalising score for the Vixens. 1-1 at full time

OK, so this game was all about playing the percentages. If I'd played solidly in the second half, I would have won. By going for that ridiculous second TD I handed the chance to equalise to my opponent. A stupid decision, which may cost me promotion this season if I can't beat the other teams in my division.

Lesson learned, I hope. Two beastmen levelled after the game. I gave one of them block and the other mighty blow, as follows:

Obviously more block is good, and the idea with mighty blow is to create a killer beastman asap. Next skill will be claw, and then piling on.

I cut the niggled sneaky git, because with only 12 players I'm not sure I want to be fouling too much tbh, and it reduces the inducements available to my opponent in the next game to 70k from 100k.

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