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OCC Division 6A team analysis

Gobas, one of the OCC coaches, has reviewed all the teams in my division. With thanks to him (if he ever reads this), I'll post the results:

Division 6A

Posted ImagePosted Image Melnibone - Howling Dreadnoughts - Necromantic - GMT +1
1390 TV, 150k gold

Its 13 man squad of nice shaping Necro team. Most of players got level already, only some zombies and one Wight is without any skill ups. But this Wight is 5 SPP so not that far away from skill up. Team got only one Ghoul (Blodge), but two Wolves are here. One got Block and other got Mighty Blow. One Wight got Guard. More remarkable is that both Flesh Golems got level 2! (both got Block) :wacko: Its more than awesome for such young team.

Star of team:
Mr. Dead Shoemaker - Zombie :lol: - the highest level got zombie. He got Block and Kick. And most of SPP in team. :clown:

Posted ImagePosted Image Jim2309 - F.O.A.D - Orc - GMT +11400 TV (1500 after first match), 350k gold

This team will be nightmare is such fresh and low Tier.
They got all they need. 12 man squad. Lots of Gold. They got Troll (5 SPP), 4 Black Orks who all got at least Block, 4 Blitzers - two got Tackle and two got Guard. Hey they got even Goblin (with Sneaky Git! :ham: ) and ... Thrower with Agility 4. :angry: One Black Ork will miss first match, and he got -AV. Still he got ST 4 and block right?
Ok seriously, this team got all thing necessary to dominate this season. Still I hope they like fireballs.

Stars of team:
We got 3 more than nice players (at least for Tier 6)
Grogfak Break'Arm - Black Ork with Block and Guard
Sriruk - Blitzer with Tackle, and Agility 4. He could be star some day.
Maklor - Another Blitzer, this time with Guard and Mighty Blow. I can bet he will be team killer.

Posted ImagePosted Image Rambones - Bones Brigade. - Undead - GMT +1 1450 TV, 360k gold

Another meat grinder. This time with lots of dead players. This 13 man (should I say body) team is in more than nice shape. They got all they need. Two Mummies (both Guard), two Wights (Guard and Guard+Tackle). Some Zombies (one of them got Guard, another is one of best players here). Aaand... 4 Ghouls! Three of them got just Wrestle but one got some nice skill ups - Guard and Leader (it team captain I assume).
With all that Guard and skill ups they have lots of tools to win match. Also as always I have hope they are not to much attached to their Ghouls - I sense Lightnings from the Sky in their matches.

Stars of team:
Another team with 3 remarkable players:
Thorgrim the Tyrant - Wight with Guard and Tackle
Pebblesplitter - Ghoul with Guard and Leader
Aulus the Barber - Humble Zombie with both nice skills - Block and Tackle. If he only where little faster..

Posted ImagePosted Image Narg - Zombie Economics - Undead - GMT +1 1370 TV (1410 with all players), 200k gold
Another undead here. Little less skilled team but not less dangerous.
First of all they got huge 14 players, one of Mummies got Block :angry:, one Wight got Mighty Blow. One of Zombies got Guard, rest are rookies. The most skilled here are Ghouls of course. There is 4 of them. Two got only Block, and next two got more skills. (see bellow).

Stars of team:
Jose Manuel Barroso - Ghoul. With Block and Sure Hands. So we got main ball handler here.
Olli Rehn - Next Ghoul. This time with Wrestle and Tackle. So we got ball retriever here.

Posted ImagePosted Image Everblue - The Grey Haven Guard - High Elf - GMT +11330 TV, 120k gold

This time we got High Elves. Its 12 elf squad with not many level ups. But those who got skills are in nice shape. Skilled Thrower (Accurate), two skilled Linelfs (both Dodge) and two skilled Blitzers (one got Guard :angry: another one got Blodge and Agility 5). Only downside is that they have only one Catcher, but with all that gold and such nice Blitzer and Thrower it not big downside.

Star of team:
Charedenine Xakalwe (whoa.. what a name, try read it fast... :lol: ) - Blitzer of couse I mentioned earlier. With Blodge and Agility 5 he is already pain in the ass and can become even more with few more SPP.

Posted ImagePosted Image Heliocentricity - Krieg Komodo - Lizardmen - GMT +11160 TV (1220 after first match) , 120k gold

Lizards. And we almost know all. They got lots of Sauruses (6 of course), one Krox (of course) and some Skinks (to total 12 players). Interesting is that only one Saurus got level (Block of course :clown:) but two next Sauruses got 5 SPP so they can level up after first match if they will have lucky casualty.
Skinks got 3 level ups total, two Sure Feet buggers and one Diving Tackle annoying Bugger.

Star of Team:
Tortoise - Krox - He is most awesome here. End of question.

Posted ImagePosted Image Vaehnin - Erengrad Convicts - Human - GMT +2

?? Team not yet created.

Posted ImagePosted Image Altashheth - Cruor Imbibo II - Vampire - GMT +1990 TV, 10k gold

This is team of suckers... khem oh blood suckers of course. It is 11 man squad, with only two Vampires but with 5 Re-Rolls. It ok for long time development but this season I sense lots of loses and dead Thralls.

Star of team:
Both Vampires (Luis and Lestat :D ) are best players there. Still they need some backup.

Posted ImagePosted Image Elsayal - The Swarm Blast - DarkElf - GMT +2920 TV, 80k gold
Its... weird team. Say hello to 11 dark elf team, composed only with Linelfs... :huh: I know that they got nice armour and all of them got Agility 4. But where are Blitzers! :huh:
I have hopes that coach know what he is doing. Maybe this is the some dark elves trick to fool Nuffle.

Star of team:
None - only linelfs... yes no positionals at all :P

Posted ImagePosted Image Gsson - Ulmus Lupus - Necromantic - GMT+2[/list]
1000 TV, 0 gold

Fresh Necro team. One Wolf, one Ghoul, Two Wights, Two Golems and some bunch of Zombies to have 11 players. Nothing thrilling.

Star of team:
None - Of course even without any skills The Undertaker (Wolf) looks best here.

Jesus H Christ that orc team looks scary. And the two undead teams. And the developed necro team with the mightly blow werewolf.

I think much will depend on the order that these teams play each other. The two undead teams are meatgrinders, as Gobas notes, and so if they end up playing the orcs and necro team before I do, there's a chance that they will be able to tear a few holes in their opponents. On the other hand if I have to play them while they are relatively fresh, it could be very ugly indeed.

When I see the fixture list I will decide whether or not to buy another catcher. I'll want to make sure that I can get the right level of inducements and protecting two AV7 pieces without block or dodge could be tricky.

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