Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Divisions of Death, Division J, end of season results

So my last match of the season was an adminned victory for me, after I was unable to get hold of my opponent.

This resulted in 4 points for the season, with one (adminned) win, a defeat and a draw. A really disappointing season in retrospect, since I should definitely have won the game that I drew, and my defeat was an appalling Nuffling.

So no promotion this season and I remain in the fourth tier. That said, my team is in good shape for the forthcoming season as follows:

The Utarg of Utarg is clearly a star in the making. He already has block, and so I can basically hit with him freely. My rookie warriors all have SPPs and so are close to levelling. My mino has 5 SPPs, and so is one casualty away from levelling.

My opponents next season are:

The Waaaghrriors (Orc) - This was the team I had an adminned win against. Not quite a fresh team, but near enough.

Boatmurdered Athletics FC (Dwarf) - I think they were fresh last season, but not sure. 2 Troll Slayers (1 with MB), 2 Blitzers, 2 Runners, 6 Blockers (1 with guard). This game is my first (so no claw for me) and could be quite brutal.

Death Vengeance of Doom (Lizards) - This team was relegated from the tier above. They are somewhat developed but without many skinks or skills on the saurus. Their skinks are their stars though, and I have no tackle.

I'm expecting the first game to hurt, but I will have a good strength advantage to take on the dwarves with. Hopefully they will be lacking guard. The second game (vs lizards) will probably be quite hard to win, as I've got nothing to use against the skinks. It depends how aggressively my opponent plays them to be honest - if he uses them as markers then I may get to splatter a few, and if he holds them back I'll need to gang up on the sauri.

I feel that I am getting quite close to the point where chaos goes from being rubbish to being scary. I have a ball carrier, I am starting to ket block on key pieces, I have a big guy. I just need a couple of safety players to mark the backfield, and a killer beast man.

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