Monday, 11 June 2012

Match Report - Divisions of Death, Division H, Season 1, Game 2

Odin's Longboatmen (Norse) v Doomdark's Revenge (Chaos, me)

The game started with the Norse team winning the toss and electing to kick off. It was raining, and with both teams having AG3 at best and no player with Sure Hands skill, the rain was to play a key role in what was to follow.

My plan before the game was to try to negate the Norse team's block advantage by hitting first where the chance presented itself, but maintaining a defensive position and not allowing the Norse team many blocks against me. Perhaps due to these negative tactics it was a remarkably bloodless match - I think I inflicted one casualty in total in the match and achieved two KOs. None of my players were stretchered off the pitch at all.

By a stroke of luck the beastman entrusted with ball-carrying duties managed to pick the damn thing up without a reroll, and the stage was set for some hitting on the line of scrimmage. After a couple of turns Sketch moved some of his players out of the centre to threaten the left side of my line, which left his middle relatively weak. One of the chaos warriors, the Lord of Thrall, punched a hole for the ball-carrier to run through, and my remaining chaos warriors also charged through to mark up the nearby defenders. Although a couple of Norse managed to recover and mark the ball, the remaining team was caught out of position and I was able to continue the push and score on turn 5. 0-1 to Doomdark's Revenge

Sketch had used all of his rerolls in attempting to halt my drive, and Nuffle now laid a scaly hand on the dice for the following Norse drive, with Sketch failing his first action (a ball pickup and a double skulls block) in each of his next two turns. I used my two "free" turns to run two beastmen through his line and threaten the ball, but Sketch's luck reasserted itself however and he was able to recover the position to see out the half only one TD down. 0-1 to Doomdark's Revenge at half time

The second half began with a lovely deep kick close to the corner which Sketch (wary now of failing his pickup) took a couple of turns to collect with his thrower and run into the cage. I backed away from his lines and tried to cover the width of the pitch.

Sketch set up his cage on the right hand side of the pitch and tried to push through, but I got my chaos warriors back in time and, even worse for Sketch, the Norse werewolf (their best chance of smashing through the Chaos lines) got pushed into the Chaos backfield and isolated from his team mates. After four fairly inconclusive turns Sketch decided to go for it, and suddenly switched the point of attack to his left, moving his remaining pieces bravely into contact with the chaos players and inviting the hits. This tactic was risky and meant that Sketch was vulnerable to blitzes, and I managed to get a chaos warrior 1v1 against his ball-carrying thrower but without a knockdown. With time running out Sketch was forced to try to pass the ball wide and hope for Nuffle to intervene, but he fumbled the pass (presumably with a reroll, unfortunately) and then had issues picking the ball up on his penultimate turn, and so the match wound down with just time for the Lord of Whispers to smack one of the Norse into the BH box.

Final score 0-1 to Doomdark's Revenge.

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