Monday, 18 June 2012

Snotling Soda Cup Division 2 overview

My rookie Orc team, Angband Wolves, has now been accepted into the OCC feeder league, the Snotling Soda Cup division 2.

There are eight teams in the league, and matches start this week. The teams are:
  • Posted Image RayXXX - Filthy Feckers 13 - Skaven -
  • Posted Image Diamond_Ten - Women Of Wrath - Amazon -
  • Posted Image grrc - Weathertop Warriors - Human -
  • Posted Image Rymdkerjsaren - Odins Einharjar - Norse -
  • Posted Image Everblue - Angband Wolves - Orc -
  • Posted Image Willy - D.Jone's Rum Runners - Human -
  • Posted Image Verbal_HM - The Counters - Vampire -
  • Posted Image Remora - Bavarian Blocktoberfest - Norse -
My immediate feeling on looking at that list is that I have a strength and armour advantage over everyone else, particularly with taking the troll early. That said, the Skaven and Amazon teams are quite likely to beat me.

All of the teams seem to be rookies, which is good, but the coaches are not. RayXXX is one of the league administrators and therefore probably very experienced, and Verbal_HM is also a name I recognise from various Blood Bowl forums. Looks like it will be a tough league.

EDIT - My first game is against Bavarian Blocktoberfest (Norse). Probably good to get the Norse chaps out of the way early before they sign a Snow Troll. I'll be missing a fair amount of block though.

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