Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Snotling Soda Cup Division 2, Game 2

Angband Wolves (Orc, me) v Oden's Einherjar (Norse)

The Orc team won the toss and decided to receive, with the ball landing wide and near the centre line. Immediately things started to go wrong for the Orcs, with fluffed blocks and their troll, the Great Goblin, who sat sat down stupidly and remained stupid for most of the half.

The Orcs tried to carve out a defensive cage on the right hand side of the field, but were undone again and again by an opposition who bravely stepped into contact, inviting hits, and the Orcs were simply unable to knock their opponents down. Eventually the Norse team's star berserker Eiktymer made his presence felt, achieving the first of his three casualties for the game by crunching the Orc's quarterback and captain, Gothmog, who left the ball lying on the pitch.

The sight of Gothmog being carried off finally seemed to rouse the Great Goblin from his stupor, and he backhanded a Norse lineman into the casualty box. The badly outnumbered Orcs tore into the Norse as the game descended into an ugly scramble around the fallen ball, and now it was the Norse players being carried from the field as the first half ended 0-0.

The second half began with another short wide kick, and more incompetent blocking on the line of scrimmage, this time from one of the Norse werewolves whose frenzied hitting got him surrounded by Orcs. The Orc team, still outnumbered after the deeper Norse bench had allowed them to recover better from the attrition of the first half, flooded the right wide zone to try and surround the ball. The Norse ball carrier managed to dodge back and away, and handed the ball off to a runner team mate in a classic end-around running play. The runner hared off down the Norse right, while his fellow Norse players moved into the centre of the pitch to prevent the Orcs getting back in time.

Two Orc blitzers had been left unmarked on the far side of the pitch, and moved backwards to pressure the Norse screen, and one of them blitzed a way through and managed to get between the runner and the end zone. All was in vain however as the supporting Norse lineman pushed the defender out of the way to allow the Norse team to take the lead 0-1 to Oden's Einherjar.

The Orcs wearily took to the field again with 8 players against the 11 Norse, and with no thrower there seemed little chance of a comeback. Yet again they hit the Norse team on the line of scrimmage, and yet again they failed to break their opponents' armour. The star Orc blitzer Ugluk grabbed the ball and the rest of the team threw up a loose defensive ring around him.

Meanwhile Eiktymer continued his bloody work, taking two more Orcs off the field and leaving the Orcs with 6 players against the 11 Norse. With seconds to go, the troll having gone stupid again, the Orc line in tatters and the ball still in the Orc half, all seemed lost for the Angband team, but a sharp eyed lineman spotted that a small gap could be made in the Norse line with a well placed block, and Ugluk and his only remaining supporting player ran through the gap into the Norse half.

At this stage there seemed little threat, as the stupid troll mean that there were plenty of unmarked defenders, but the Norse team decided to go for the safer option of leaving Ugluk in place and knocking over his supporting player, meaning that there were three Norse surrounding Ugluk and the ball. Nevertheless with the clock ticking agonisingly down there was just time for the blitzer to haul himself to his feet, preventing two of the Norse players from assisting, while Ugluk blitzed the remaining defender, knocked him over, followed up, and then sprinted for the line in a lungbursting dash which resulted in the tying touchdown! 1-1 on turn 15

With the Orc fans bouncing in the stand, the teams lined up for the formality of the last couple of minutes. Both sides exchanged hits and there was a particularly cheering sight for the Orcs as a rather vindictive 5 man foul on one of the Norse werewolves finally resulted in one of them leaving the field, although fortunately for the Norse there was no permanent damage done.

Final score Angband Wolves 1 - 1 Oden's Einherjar

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