Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Thoughts on SSC game 2

One of my favourite series of novels is the Aubrey-Maturin books, featuring the character "Lucky" Jack Aubrey, a British sea captain in the Napoleonic Wars. At one point in the series Jack is thinking about how luck always seems to spread itself out across a person's life, and a person who is lucky early in life will often be unlucky late on and vice versa, and the main thing about luck is that as long as it comes good in the end then all is well.

This was certainly the case last night, and the first half of the match produced some of the worst dice I have ever seen. My troll failed the 2+ really stupid roll on the first four turns, I rolled a double skulls during a block on every turn, and I just could not knock the Norse over.

So after four turns I was outnumbered, had lost the ball (and my best player to a MNG), and was surrounded by the Norse. I decided not to try to score but to hold the line only, and with the dice coming back into my favour I was able to do so.

The start of the second half involved me making the type of appalling positional mistake that I've criticised my opponents for making, and I basically gifted my opponent a TD. My opponent was a very strong positional player, didn't make many mistakes, and punished my error ruthlessly without having to roll many dice at all.

In the end however, the dice started to flow my way and I was able to score an epic TD to level the score. It was my opponent's only real mistake in the game and he was very unhappy about it (did not congratulate me on the TD, did not speak again except to show displeasure at my gleeful turn 16 gang-foul on his werewolf, did not reply to my "GG" at the end of the game).

It wasn't even *that* lucky - a 1D block with a blitzer and then 2 GFIs - about 30% chance if you factor in the likelihood of the block leading to a pushback which would then require a dodge.

The league table is currently as follows:

Posted Image
The Zombie Economics team were a late replacement for the Skaven. They look quite good and the coach comes across as a bright guy. I play them last and am a bit worried about it.

So the TD keeps me unbeaten, which I'll certainly take after my terrible start. The TD allowed my blitzer Ugluk to level up, and with an eye on my next opponents (the Women of Wrath - Amazons) I took tackle. Hopefully that makes him a player they'll be scared of.

I'll be missing a black orc blocker and my star thrower with MNG injuries, so I used my winnings to buy another thrower. I should be in decent shape for the game.

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