Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Snotling Soda Cup Division 2, Game 1

Bavarian Blocktoberfest (Norse) vs Angband Wolves (me, Orc)

The Norse won the toss and elected to receive. The kick was deep and it took a couple of turns for the runner (no throwers in the Bavarian team) to retrieve the ball and cage up. In the meantime the Norse players pushed down the right hand side of the pitch.

Despite an early turnover due to a failed block, the Orcs pushed the Norse hard against the touchline, knocked over the ball carrier and had started to crowdsurf their players. In addition there were two early casualties (one due to a foul by the troll which was the result of a misclick) plus two KO'd players. Nevertheless another unlucky turnever (double skulls rerolled to double both down - 1/81 chance) meant that the Norse could expertly extract the ball and score in turn 4. 1-0 to Bavarian Blocktoberfest

The Norse team only had eight players for the next drive against 10 Orcs, and the disparity showed with a quick running touchdown for the Orcs. The Orcs feinted right, drew the Norse over there and then crashed through the centre with their thrower handing the ball off to a blitzer. The blitzer crossed the line in turn 7 to make the score 1-1.

Some inconclusive LOS hitting followed, but the halftime score was Bavarian Blocktoberfest 1 - 1 Angband Wolves.

The Norse lined up again the second half with a numbers disadvantage, and again the Orcs took advantage of this with a running touchdown. The Norse team threw players at the Orc thrower who was carrying the ball in the hope of a turnover, but the thrower's team-mates blocked them away leaving the Norse backfield wide open and the Orcs scored in turn 14 to make the score 1-2 to Angband Wolves.

The match finished with a touch of farce. The Norse again failed a ball pickup, but the Orcs (despite pouring into the Norse half and freeing the ball) did not realise how little time was left in the match and missed an easy chance to score.

Final score was 1-2 to Angband Wolves.

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