Tuesday, 26 June 2012

RPS Divisions of Death season 1 recap

So generally a good first season. Chaos teams are pretty difficult to win with until you get skills, and so I'm happy with my victories over the two Norse teams.

The division H table is currently as follows:

Doomdark's Revenge - 6 points
The Blades of the Dwarves - 3 points
Odin's Longboatmen - 3 points
Xenny's Berserkers - 3 points

There is one game left - The Blades of the Dwarves against Odin's Longboatmen. A draw would mean I win the league, and anything else will come down to TD difference plus Casualty difference. My TD difference is +3 from my two wins, and I think I have a strongly positive Casualty difference, so unless the game is particularly one-sided or particularly bloody then I have a good chance of winning the division.

Winning the division, however, might be a bit of a concern. The league structure is changing next season, from two conferences of eight divisions, to the following pyramidal model.


There's a reasonable chance that if I win the division I'll be put into the fourth tier of the new league (up from eighth). This means that I could reasonably be matched against a team from three tiers above me in the current season.

What's worse, my team has only managed to get a solitary level up this season (block on a chaos warrior), I still only have 11 players and no minotaur. If I come up against a particularly nasty bash team next season it could be quite a painful experience.

My second game in the SSC is tonight, my orcs against yet another Norse team (my last four competitive games have been against Norse). Ugh.

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